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Simple measures to protect your home from water damage my posts

Simple measures to protect your home from water damage my posts


water damage gutters. Properly handling the ...

10 things you need to do to keep rainwater out of your home

Prevent Mold and Water Damage in Your Garage in 7 Simple Steps | Mold Busters

20 ways to keep your home secure

Safeguard in-home electrical and climate systems.

Rain on roof of a house ...

Do you have flood insurance? How about additional coverage for sewer backups? If you don't know the answers, review the details of your home's insurance ...

16 ways to keep your home secure and safe

Ways for Snowbirds to Secure Their Nests While Away

As weather patterns change and storms become more intense and prevelent, the potential for water damage and subsequent mold growth increases as well.

13 Ways to Protect Your Home When You Travel

Inspect for Serious Issues like Mold

5 things homebuyers must know about flood insurance

Galena, Alaska flooded home. Flood-damaged ...

Flooded white houses with mountains in the background

An aerial view of a home that is being maintained.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage with DIY Rain Gutter Repair

tenant damage rental

Sand bags holding back flood waters at the front of a house

Start from the "house out rather than from the wildland in" to create sustainable, fire safe environments to protect your home and nature.

Simple Steps To A Dry Carpet.

Securing your home against burglary

Water Damage Restoration Guide

Protecting Bridges from Flood Damage

High shelving to store ornaments and personal items ...

You've found your dream home—it's everything you wanted, and it's in your price range! There's just one problem: It's in a flood zone.

Make your home more resistant to earthquake damage by assessing its structure and contents. Look into whether your home anchored to its foundation, ...

10 measures that must be taken to prevent more flooding in the future

Basement with a wet floor. In the ...

Infrared Detection of Water Damage. The problem faced by most property ...

Person adjusting thermostat as part of home winterization ...

You just found out that your home has a sewer backup. Even though it's messy and can be highly hazardous if you attempt to deal with it yourself, ...

Here's the solid cure for rotting posts and sinking footings.

leak sensor hero

13 tips to prevent storm damage to your home this summer

If you recently experienced any kind of water damage to your carpets, be cautious – a remaining musty odor could do more than simply stink.

11 Tips Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Insurance

An IBHS study of closed water damage insurance claims identified plumbing pipes and drain systems as leading causes of interior water damage. The following ...

We've all heard at least one horror story about a family returning home from a long vacation only to find that their house has been broken into or a pipe ...

Understanding the Top 3 Basement Waterproofing Methods

101 ways to fight climate change. This Earth Day, the ...

Flood Safety

... prevention definitely beats the alternative: noxious sewage flowing backwards into your house. A sewage backup complicates normal water damage recovery ...

How to prevent mold: 9 tips. The key to preventing mold is simple: Moisture ...

How to Dry Out Your House After a Flood | U.S News Real Estate. »

Now with the warm-up this week, we've been hearing from a lot of homeowners with water damage. This post is largely a re-blog of my last post on attic frost ...

Cathy and Jeff Moore stand in front of their home after the Camp Fire in Chico, Calif. The Moores worked to keep a defensible space around their property ...

Signs of termite infestation

Best Air Quality Practices

Image titled Repair a Leaking Roof Step 1

If you live in a flood-risk area, it's sensible to have insurance that covers any damage to your home and possessions caused by water.

How to Keep Water from Damaging the Foundation of Your Home | Today's Homeowner

Eighty-six percent of thieves do all they can to avoid bumping into the occupant

If someone clicks a picture of your art and posts it on the internet without crediting you, it qualifies as an act of copyright infringement.

Since chances are that your phone was powered on when you dropped it in water,

... Protect our drinking water and the Grand River. diagram showing life cycle of rain

How to reduce surface water flooding

Simple Home Safety Tips for Your Hawaii Home - Hawaii Real Estate Market & Trends | Hawaii Life

flooded yard of house

How to Protect a Wooden Post from Rotting in the Ground

By taking a few easy steps you can prevent storm damage to your home.

Infographic showing ten things you can do to protect the earth.

Are Your Family and Home Prepared For a Disaster?

Why Do You Need Air Quality Inspections? One of the ...

Light up the front drive and garden

Graceful Stoops & Entry Steps

Old flooded home with water damage and standing water. The ...

Is Rotten Wood Hiding in Your Home?

Best Ways To Handle Sewage Cleanup

FIGURE 6-1 Examples of tools and measures to reduce and transfer flood risk in flood-prone areas. The remaining risk after these techniques are employed is ...

Got gas? Here are 5 tips to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

10 Ways to Prevent Personally Polluting the Great Lakes

According to Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), over five million homes in the UK are at risk of flooding.

... than the BFE—therefore, it is always a good investment to build in a safety factor several feet above the BFE. This safety zone is called “freeboarding.

6 Tips to Prevent Earthquake Damage

Caring for the soil is crucial to the long-term viability of our gardens and

Protecting your home from mold

FIRST PRIORITIES: What to Do After a Building Has Been Flooded

Since storing water is very different from storing food, there are a few things you should consider if you're new to water storage.

In scenario (A), the levee protects the home up to the one percent annual chance flood. In scenario (B) the water is higher and the one ...

What to do if your basement floods and how to prevent it | Decker Home Inspection Services

Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada

The Fix-A-Fence 8-1/2 in. x 3 in. x 36 in. 11 lb. Heavy Duty Powder Coated Metal Fence Post Repair Bracket-TFAF1 - The Home Depot

Are Your Family and Home Prepared For a Disaster?