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Cries For the Geek in Me

Cries For the Geek in Me



Is "Batman Cries" a Sincere Disaster Or Musical Comedy Masterpiece? - Nerdist

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Ubisoft's Olivia Alexander on the Colorful Wasteland of 'Far Cry: New Dawn' - Geek.com

Dirk cries uncontrollably in his ironic safety corner

Games Prepared Me Geek - Joey Gallagher pulls only 1 of the hardest Yugioh card to

*feelzes* *cries* @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Darnell @Chloe Williams @Kiera Salkowski McManus

10 Doctor Who Moments That Mad Us Cry

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*cries* this makes me feel bad bc I deleted the game after I got literally everything

Cry Babies Katie Doll - Review

Me upon remembering Will Connolly cried in one of the earlier productions of bmc

Sheldon: One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid and it makes me sad. :D <3

My mom wants me to delete my ️vine account *cries*😔😭 // probably not gonna listen doe.

What can you tell me about the world map? Is it the old Far Cry 5 map? How has it changed since the bombs fell?

I don't know but I have this superhuman ability - I make babies cry in less than three seconds. Often times, when a baby stares at me, I stare back and look ...

*cries silently*

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Watch Me Geek over "Bloom" While I Draw Troye Sivan

Underground Chad Geek

Every Soulsborne Game (And Sekiro) Ranked By How Many Times They Made Me Cry

If you remove her dummy she will make the sweetest of baby noises and when she cries you settle her by giving her the dummy or by holding her and giving her ...

#anger #betrayal #cheerleaders #court #cries #fight #foreplay #forgiveness # geek #girls #hate #justwriteit #lawyers #lies #love #mistake #nerd #players ...

Field Of Dreams revisited: why it still hits me every time

George Lucas Admitted He "May Have Gone Too Far" After Early 'Phantom Menace' Screening

Alt-right geeks

Terrace House

Eric Butts is crying while watching the new Star Wars trailer

Dork, nerd, geek, or dweeb?

me every time i finish a book.

To mark the UK release of hit US comedy Daddy's Home on DVD, we chatted to actor Linda Cardellini…


The Best High-School Show of the Past 30 Years, Round Three: Freaks and Geeks vs. My So-Called Life


Crying 'Pedophile' Is the Oldest Propaganda Trick in the Book

I met Sir Patrick Stewart at Brooklyn Pride and I'm still shook. Excuse

The Thirteenth Doctor's Feminine, Feminist, Freewheeling Style

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Drink, cry, repeat.


Top 10 Times The Legend Of Korra Made Me Ugly Cry

Captain Awkward


Paxton Lynch getting emotional on the sidelines of another humiliating Broncos loss.

Hello, I'm Chibivy, a 24-year-old adventure-loving, bookish geek, kid-at-heart ENFP, queer little girl made of stardust. More about me here.

For the next few years, I suspect that co-writer and director Shane Black, and the core team behind The Predator, are going to be facing a question about ...

How to Date a Nerd

Noah loved to take care of Katie by giving her a cuddle or by putting her dummy in her mouth. I suppose it's just like looking after his baby sister, ...

Magnus Carlsen: the cool grandmaster who cries when he loses to himself

A statement from our General Manager regarding issues brought up last month and how we plan to move forward. We hope that you, the community, will join us.

Previous Far Cry spin-offs featured outlandish adventures unrelated to the titles they spun from. Far Cry: New Dawn, however, is a proper sequel.

Eric Butts posted the video of him watching the Episode IX teaser trailer on Friday to

The Verge

I heard the cries of whitewashing and quickly climbed on the bandwagon. The first trailers did nothing to dissuade me from ...

15 Powerful Love, Simon Reactions That Show Why the Film Is So Groundbreaking

Premise: Someone finds Batman (BATMAN) sitting on a curb, where he takes off his mask and begins to cry. A billionaire vigilante, who as a child watched his ...

Anti-Gun People Who Cluelessly Mocked Me Still Live in Fantasy Land, Still Don't Know How To Apologize

Since I enjoy bouncing between the two series, I think it's time we look at ten times when The Legend of Korra made me ugly cry.

Editor's Note: This is part two in a series of five articles looking at memorable depictions of coming of age on television — a favorite topic on the small ...

“My Child Won't Let Me Comfort!”

Here I am crying just because someone sent me 'ok' instead of 'okay', so obviously, they hate me now!

Critical Role

Heroism is simply trying to make the world a better place, and refusing to ignore its cries for help. #ThursdayThoughts Art @thealexrossartpic.twitter.com/ ...

Sandy and Elizabeth Laprelle

I hear you like 'cries in spanish'. I give you 'sobbing mathematically'.

Other upgrades help improve your melee capabilities and overall survivability, and a fully decked out Deacon is a far cry from the game's beginning.

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A child who cries for attention might be suffering from a psychiatric problem.

Katie is just like the original Cry Babies dolls but new and improved with her new features and larger size. She's surprisingly big and is made from hard ...

Accessing VR: Don't Leave Disabled People Behind

The Geek Feminist Revolution

River Song

Geek Giveaway – Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame Premiums!

Absurd Video Shows Idiot Crying Over New Star Wars Trailer

Image of Ian Mckellen

A woman cries while holding a paint roller


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After dominating ...

Open E-School


I'm going to take a break from my JavaScript series for a minute because I need to vent my geek rage about something that just happened to me.

Katie is just like the original Cry Babies dolls but new and improved with her new features and larger size. She's surprisingly big and is made from hard ...

Pic of someone proposing with an onion above a pic of a woman crying and text

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If that description didn't quite do the trick to convince you that you should watch this show, then let me tell you why you would be missing out if you ...

Kevin Smith Finally Saw Captain Marvel ...