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YEAH RIGHT Girls are human and humans of every gender are pretty

YEAH RIGHT Girls are human and humans of every gender are pretty



What Is The Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”?

Gender Stereotypes Are Messing with Your Kid

What if women ruled the world?

The weaker sex? Science that shows women are stronger than men

Gender's Journey from Sex to Psychology: A Brief History

The Simple Truth-Closing the Gender Pay Gap by 2030

source: Samilla Maioli for ISO Republic

Sex Differences, Gender, and Competitive Sport

Transgender people reveal how they're treated differently as a man or woman. “

Twitter's Trans-Activist Decree

... any role when we consider a male lion or a peacock to be more beautiful than a female. However, it does play a large role in assessing potential sexual ...

17 Photos Reveal The Realities Of The American Transgender Experience

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Ignoring Differences Between Men and Women Is the Wrong Way to Address Gender Dysphoria


Human Attraction facts

10 Interesting Facts About Male Brains

Contrary to popular belief, men have feelings and care about yours. What other myths

A strong libido and bored by monogamy: the truth about women and sex

Interview: Amy Heckerling on Career and Gender Politics

10 'Doctor Who' quotes that show why it's the perfect time for a woman in the role. - Upworthy

At the end of the first episode, “Deep Breath” (801), the villain finds himself in a beautiful garden, confronted by a ...

What I've learned about men from countless hours of Tinder

Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”

Humans and Neanderthals had sex. But was it for love?

U.S. fans hold up images of goalkeeper Hope Solo, midfielder Megan Rapinoe, defender Beckey Sauerbrunn, and forward Christen Press before a Group D soccer ...

After 'I Feel Pretty' Disappoints, What Should Amy Schumer Do Next?

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Gemma Chan humans

Female bonobos shut down violent males. Here's what humans can learn from them. - Upworthy

What's Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated?

Humans are elves to dogs. Yeah well I'm crying and I don't care >>> I don't NEED THIS RIGHT NOW DAMN IT

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George MacKay interview: 'I didn't realise there was a gender imbalance, because that imbalance served me'

What do Norwegian Women Really Want?

Alicia Roth Weigel: On Coming Out as Intersex in Front of the Texas Legislature

Psychology Today

Are You a Woman Traveling Alone? Marriott Might Be Watching You. – Reason.com

THE BACHELOR - ÒThe Bachelor: The Women Tell AllÓ - Arie Luyendyk Jr.Õs

I'm a feminist who enjoys being dominated during sex. Help!


There's a real arrogance to resisting transgenderism

Genetically engineered humans will arrive sooner than you think. And we're not ready. - Vox

Duchess Milan, 69, Los Angeles, CA, 2017_web.jpg

Nicole Holofcener's Human Comedies

READ THIS if you're afraid of ending up alone… (btw, basically

VICE: Hi Sophie. So I guess let's start at the beginning. What's your type? Sophie: There's very little continuity between any of my exes, so I guess I have ...


The costs of camouflaging autism

Green-Skinned Space Babe

7 Parents on What They Learned from Their Trans Kids

My Sex Life Changed When I Was Paralyzed — But It Didn't Disappear

Left, courtesy of Netflix; right, courtesy of Archie Comics


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Every Major Game of Thrones Character, Ranked From Least to Most Evil

"White Women Tears"—Critical Theory on Lindsay Shepherd - Quillette

Like what you see babe


“A beautiful woman you don't picture going to the restroom or getting tired “

What's the Real Difference between Bi- and Pansexual?

More human than human: the making of Ex Machina's incredible robot

Equal rights for all

To Parents Of Boys: Please Raise Them To Be Decent Human

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Justin Vivian, 54, New York, NY, 2017_web.jpg

Human Attraction facts


End the War on 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'! It's Feminist — Really

Why Sri Lankan Men Make Women Uncomfortable

All photos by Alice Zoo

Amazon's Prime Air Drone Will Make Same-Day Deliveries

Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

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Cute Monster Girl

Proof that we are all so much more than our gender identity.

Dude, She's (Exactly 25 Percent) Out of Your League

Bridget Nielsen, mom to alien children.

Vampire Diaries Caroline Pregnancy

Heart, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Our Life in 15 Songs, Rolling Stone

A no-gender option on state-issued documents is a very libertarian step.

“Someday I want to have my own replicant,” Ishiguro says. “Probably “