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What it Took to be Declared Insane in the Early 20th Century

What it Took to be Declared Insane in the Early 20th Century


What it Took to be Declared Insane in the Early 20th Century

To say that it took very little to be declared insane during the early 1900s is an understatement. Anyone could be declared insane by alienists and doctors ...

Men were not immune to the charges of insanity and many criminals sought insanity charges for fear of facing the noose.

In other words, looks of fear or panic could get a person labelled as insane. [1]

Man Made Insane By Bullies - StrangeAgo


Those who supported the creation of the first early-eighteenth-century public and private hospitals recognized that one important ...

What it Took to be Declared Insane in the Early 20th Century

Dr. Philippe Pinel at the Salpêtrière, 1795 by Tony Robert-Fleury. Pinel ordering the removal of chains from patients at the Paris Asylum for insane women.

Occupational Therapy Group, Philadelphia Hospital for Mental Diseases, Thirty-fourth and Pine ...

"The first psychiatrist - the witch doctor - as portrayed by a prehistoric artist in the Cave of Trois Frères, Ariège, France" according to Alexander and ...

Pages from Elizabeth Packard's book, Modern Persecution, or, Insane Asylums Unveiled | See more

... Page from The Trials of James McDermott and Grace Marks

The Story Of Dunning, A 'Tomb For The Living'

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Philadelphia Hospital for the Insane, Philadelphia, PA c.

Illustration of a woman suffering from malaria

The York Retreat (c. 1796) was built by William Tuke, a pioneer of moral treatment for the insane.

Early Twentieth-Century Deportation and the Resistance

The 25th Amendment, explained: how a president can be declared unfit to serve

Diagnosis: Insanity caused by overwork

Women in Insane Asylums

Image via Tim Kiser

Advertisement for Thorazine (chlorpromazine) from the early 1960s

In the mid- to late 1800s, insane asylums served as catch-all facilities for violent and difficult women. But were they really criminals? Or even crazy?

My 'insane' Uncle Ed tried to kill Queen Victoria – he was treated with kindness | Penny Pepper | Opinion | The Guardian

Ready ...

A phrenology chart

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Central State Hospital

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45 who did not get malaria from the treatment mostly died in the first year.

Linda Hazzard Mugshot

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An engraving of Hippocrates

Watts Up With That?

Dorothea Dix, a tireless crusader for the treatment of the mentally ill, was made the Superintendent of Nurses for the Union Army during the Civil War.

Diagnosis: Insanity caused by anxiety

Ignorance and denial of the early 20th century pellagra epidemic in the South

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Queen Victoria with Prince Albert and their children in 1846. After a painting by F


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Life size wax head of a melancholy insane woman, England, 1910-1950

Dr. Bob Sears actually reassured parents that measles wasn't deadly in developed countries

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Birth of a nation: how Australia empowering women taught the world a lesson

Committal form of Mary Feeny, Co. Roscommon, committed 27 August 1879.

Egas Moniz pioneered the field of psychosurgery with the lobotomy of a patient's frontal lobes in 1935.

Newly arrived immigrants disembark from the passenger steamer Thomas C. Millard upon their arrival at


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The wrongful treatment at asylums eventually caused the occupants to lose their spirit. The very thing that put many women in the asylums is what kept them ...

Table 1. Number of inmates of Prussian asylums (1,000) related to the number of inhabitants of Prussia (Mill.) (according to Blasius, 1994, p.79).

Ten Days at the Mad-House: How Nellie Bly Posed as Insane in 1887 in Her Brave Exposé of Asylum Abuse

Jeff Elkins; Alexey Kurbatov and Muti

Early 20th century image showing a tribune in the Roman Republic. (Photo by Culture


Mining the 1880 Census Mother Lode: Insanity and Idiocy

Murderer Belle Gunness who killed up to 15 men for their insurance. (Credit:

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Illustration by Anna Parini

Byberry State Hospital, Philadelphia, PA c.

The dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, 1807–1924.

Original Source unknown via

A photograph of Dorthea Dix

Child Labor in the 1900s

The insane history of how American paranoia ruined and censored comic books

Tiffany Haddish and Tracy Morgan in "The Last ...

19th-century Prison Cell

Cadden avoided a death sentence, but died in a psychiatric prison

Dan Snow introduces four projects funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council over the last four years, highlighing underexplored aspects of First ...

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Eastern State Hospital was the first psychiatric institution to be founded in the United States.

Arnulf, seal, 9th century; in the Bavarian National Museum, Munich.

Elizabeth Thew. Diagnosis: Epilepsy

Territories of the United States


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graph of terrorist attacks related to Islam

From being a Labour Minister, David Ennals became the first Campaign Director of the National Association for Mental Health in August.