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Weather and Climate Interactive Foldable and Sorting Cards

Weather and Climate Interactive Foldable and Sorting Cards


Students can struggle when learning the difference between weather and climate. These notes are just what you need for your unit!

Glue these foldable notes in student interactive notebooks after learning about weather and climate and completing the activities. Students sort examples to ...

Weather and Climate: Interactive Foldable and Sorting Cards Differentiating between Weather and Climate can be challenging for students.

Weather and Climate Tools Doodle Sheet - So Easy to Use!

... Notebook Weather, Climate, Biomes Activity, Wheel of Knowledge Interactive Notebook

... Weather and Climate - Interactive Notebook / Foldable

This simple sorting activity can be used over and over again to help students distinguish climate

Climate Foldable Weather vs. Climate Foldable

Water and Weather Notebook Photos


Weather and Climate: Interactive Notebook Activity Weather and Climate: Interactive Notebook Activity


Attributing extreme weather to climate change

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weather vs climate interactive notebook activity (free)

Focus: Weather and Water Stations

Simple pockets were made with the names of the objects and students completed the above sort to demonstrate their understanding.

... Weather and Climate Comparing & Contrasting Sorting Activity

New “exascale” supercomputer can run incorrect climate models even faster | Watts Up With That?

How to use our map of attribution studies.

... percent) in extremely wet seasons and extremely dry seasons by 2070-2100 in Southern California. Illustration: Swain et al. 2018, Nature Climate Change

Only 12 Years Until U.S.A. Is Burnt To A Crisp From #CO2 #GlobalWarming & # Climate Change?

... weather (AO & NAO). Modern science hasn't seen a series of large VEI events in a short time. You can see from the decadal trend in the AO (blue line)

In the above photo, students explored a variety of objects with magnets and determined which items were magnetic and which items were not.

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El Nino / La Nina temps

The better paradigm is that intrinsic climate change evolves from solar modulation of polar pressure fields that in turn drive hemispheric meridional or ...

Molecular Sorting

Interactive Notebooks: Science Resource Book Grade 5 Paperback

... Download full-size image

UK MET Office: Fastest decline in solar activity since the last ice age | Watts Up With That?

... Moon phase activity sheet

Exploring the Solar System: Pocket Solar System activity image

Change in National Weather Service flood watches, warnings, and advisories

The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) defined abrupt climate change as a new climate paradigm as long ago as 2002. A paradigm in the scientific sense is ...

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Week 20: Weather and Climate

... Card Sort: Weather or Climate

Comparing Potential Energy of a Bond

Americans are nevertheless growing increasingly concerned about climate change. A record 22% are very worried about it (double the number in the March 2015 ...

Is climate change having an effect on hurricane season, or on hurricanes themselves? Hurricane season starts on June 1st. Let's take a look at the latest ...

Weather 1: Weather Patterns

Secret Antarctica National Geographic

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A giant panda was playing with ice cubes in Chengdu, China to cool off from the summer heat in August 2011. Credit: Zhongjun Liu

Earth Science BUNDLE

Where is the climate contamination in that period of intense climate change? Oh I get it. Climate contamination is only there when you need it to support ...

card-image. Interactive Whiteboard Activity. Weather and Climate: ...

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Global new investment in clean energy, graph BNEF, Bloomberg.

Premium Package (Integrated 3-Button Universal Garage-Door Opener, Power-Adj. Folding Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirrors, Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror, ...

Activity - My Landform Dictionary

Australia Yanks Support from UN's Green Climate Fund as National Elections Loom

The Weather Channel

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In The Real World, Existential Threat of Global Warming + Climate Change Is A Double-Nothingburger

Climate scientists are growing increasingly concerned that 'as the global thermostat rises, permafrost, rather than storing carbon, could become a ...

... gas emissions and 2100 temperatures under no action, current pledges (INDCs), and successful ratcheting scenarios. Illustration: Climate Interactive

The tab of the matchbook fold keeps the tabs tucked-in and they have less chance of getting bent when you open and close the notebook.

New publication of “Reason in Revolt” in Farsi

(Right) Tauba Auerbach, Untitled (Fold), 2010. Depictions of topography attempt to create an illusion of multidimensionality ...

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A lighter look at the weather, Fu*** Weather paints itself as something of a realistic weather app, based on what you might say when you actually see the ...

Public sector, disrupted: How disruptive innovation can help government achieve more for less

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Protein Folding Exploring

This printable travel packing list with packing hacks and packing tips is perfect for short trips

EXCERPTS: ... Male-dominated sex ratios occurred consistently across study sites and the 4 years that sex expression was monitored.


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Humid continental and subarctic climates are only found in the Northern Hemisphere. Subarctic climates are the more severe of the two since they are north ...

2007 (PDF) which concludes that “a climate sensitivity greater than 1.5°C has probably been a robust feature of the Earth's climate system over the past 420 ...

Two maps showing Daily maximum temperatures for 13 February 1998 (left) and 26 February

Observations show a northward shift in the jet stream is related to the smaller temperature difference between the equator and the poles.

This comic pinpoints the illogical argument of blaming a hurricane on climate change – might be useful for illustrative purposes:

Interactive Assembly Instructions

Download figure ...

100% Chair – Designing for Algorithmic Landscapes

Increased El Nino frequency and intensity is normal during a solar minimum, because of increased negative NAO/AO. The same with with AMO and Arctic warming.

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Reynolds School Students Partner with City of Reno and PRSA Sierra Nevada to increase diversity in