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USDA Ends Deadly Cat Experiments Plans To Adopt Out Remaining Cats

USDA Ends Deadly Cat Experiments Plans To Adopt Out Remaining Cats


USDA Ends Deadly Cat Experiments, Plans To Adopt Out Remaining Cats | HuffPost

KUOW - USDA Terminates Deadly Cat Experiments, Plans To Adopt Out Remaining Animals

Another cat that may have been used to breed kittens for USDA research.

USDA ends fatal cat research and will adopt out remaining animals

A cat and her kittens in this undated file photo. (The Washington Humane Society Animal Shelter) (Sarah L. Voisin)

buffering. Replay. USDA ceases food safety experiments ...

USDA ends fatal cat research and will adopt out remaining animals | MNN - Mother Nature Network

After thousands of cats died in experiments, USDA says it will stop controversial research program

USDA ends controversial program that infected, killed cats | TheHill

A small black and white kitten

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Three cats the White Coat Waste Project believes were USDA breeder cats for the controversial program that euthanized thousands of kittens

A photo of a kitten in a cage is seen in a Care2 petition that sought

USDA says it no longer will test, kill cats in research

kitty litter box

USDA halts deadly experiments on kittens for food safety research

Campaign Urges USDA to Let Animals Used in Experiments Be Adopted, Not Euthanized

petition: Hundreds of Kittens Have Been Killed for Experiments Funded With Taxpayer Money

USDA Will End Horrible Experiments on Kittens

Scientists decry USDA's decision to end cat parasite research

The Agriculture Department announced Tuesday it is discontinuing its practice of infecting kittens with parasites for research purposes.

U.S. agricultural department blocking information on experiments that killed 3,000 cats, lawsuit says

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Mourning And Instagramming The Death Of A Pet

North Florida is seeing a sudden surge in the number of homeless cats and kittens. Deidre Carey is with the Leon County Humane Society.

Government halts deadly cat experiments

Unfortunately many cats develop significant pain and infection due to unhealthy teeth, as well as being banished from the bedroom.

New York Is One Step Closer To Becoming First State To Ban Cat Declawing

Government halts deadly cat experiments

Concerns Grow That Infections From 'Zombie Deer' Meat Can Jump To Humans

USDA is turning lab cats into cannibals by forcing them to eat feline meat, watchdog says

Cats Don't Fetch, But Know Their Names As Well As Dogs, Researchers Say

Briton dies from rabies after cat bite in Morocco

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Government halts deadly cat experiments - PressFrom - US

The Agricultural Research Service announced that it would no longer be using cats for research purposes.

A Mountain Lion Kitten Is Found, Leading To Excitement An..

By Laura Goldman From Care2

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it was ending the testing - which included feeding cats to other cats - effective immediately.

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USDA to quit killing cats in controversial research

New Congressional Legislation Aims to Reduce Killing of Animals Used in Government Testing

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USDA is turning lab cats into cannibals by forcing them to eat feline meat, watchdog says

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Cat from studies at UW-Madison. (PETA photo)


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USDA Ends Deadly Cat Experiments, Plans To Adopt Out Remaining Cats

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