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The patho of horror called adixtion inexorably leads to doom and

The patho of horror called adixtion inexorably leads to doom and


The patho of horror called adixtion inexorably leads to doom and decay and the most idiotic

The patho of horror called adixtion inexorably leads to doom and decay and the most idiotic decisions unimaginably foul. Stay sober a…

Climbing mount soberclean, fully grappled.

The Psychotic Left From Jacobin France to the Occupy movement

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U Can Heal.(with lotsa Helpers)

Journey To Recovery | Addiction Treatment Resources


Grieving Age - Merely the Fleshless We and the Awed Obsequy

Everyone I meet says sobriety and clean is loving kind

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Journey To Recovery | Addiction Treatment Resources

Ex-Muslim Atheist Activists Being Targeted With Arbitrary Suspensions, Bans, and Shadowbans on Twitter

i know i look like demonic software, but i've been squirreled around by masters.

#PER CHI AMA: Stoner/Psichedelia/Doom


Don't scare your inner baby talking about drugs and alcohol that you would consider

Journey To Recovery | Addiction Treatment Resources

... we've also recently reported on the findings showing that phytoplankton levels are down 50% (these are a prime source for thiamine, by the way).

Substance use disorders are filled with denial, rationalizations, minimizations, and justifications. These are

Nuclear Blast


“The old saying “opposites attract” is often true. The difficulty is once they marry they drive each other crazy.”

There's a saying in Hollywood that nobody wants something new, just a new twist on something old.

An Enjoyable Beginning: Roberto Bolaño's The Third Reich

Doom:Vs - Dead Words Speak

Approaches - Drugs and Ecstatic Intoxication - Ernst Junger_1 | Dionysus | Drugs

Download Scenes From The Drama Of European Literature Theory And History Of Literature

Mystical Attention | Review of The Artist as Mystic: Conversations with Yahia Lababidi — Jacob Glover

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Chart 12: "The Pincers"

What if we could influence those decisions in ways that generate wider prosperity, not less — for more people, not a handful? And ...

It seems as though whenever you defeat one addiction, another vice, addiction, or bad habit is just around the

When that happens, Tesla will bleed red ink like never before and $10 per share may become a reality.

... in rates of anxiety, depression and numerous other social problems. The populations of rich countries have got to the end of a long historical journey.

Символика пьесы А.Н.Островского

... Go to the profile of The Atlantic

I'd also like to share with Notablog readers the endorsements that appear on the back cover, from my long-time friends and colleagues Stephen Cox, ...

California governor-elect Gavin Newsom promised that he, after his inauguration on January 7, 2019 and with the huge Democrat majorities elected in both ...

Il Pozzo dei Dannati - The Pit of the Damned: AstorVoltaires - La Quintaesencia de Júpiter

The Federal Reserve Continues to Ignore Technological Deflation

Peter Lang on January 4, 2015 at 6:38 am

Sir Angus observed that there's a strong correlation between U.S. counties with high mortality rates for white people and those who voted for Donald Trump.

Source: University of Illinois

... U.S. stocks vis-a-vis foreign equities have done quite well notwithstanding all the depressing headlines over the years about how the rest of the world ...


Title The Story of Philosophy, The Lives and Opinions ot the Greater Philosophers

Index for The Patterns of English Spelling Volumes 1-10 | English Language | Semiotics

Ten years into the nation's recovery from the financial crisis and 95 million working-age Americans not in the workforce, I've taken to calling this ...

Snow extent

To be sure, Goldman isn't the only bank to be tainted by 1MDB. Already, Singaporean authorities have frozen bank accounts, and shut down a tiny bank called ...

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Chart 11: Legal Immigration to U.S. by Region of Birth 1821-1990

(PDF) David Brin Earth Bantam Spectra (1991) | Liva Adil - Academia.edu


Job Opportunities At Red Cross Tanzania Society and Belgian Flanders are looking for data collectors conduct household survey Qualifica

A simple heuristic to identify dissenters and suppress them, should that ever again be required. Why would our shadow government care ...


I sold my first story in 1992 to a long-forgotten pay-in-copy zine. In the first two decades of my sci-fi career, I plunged really deep into speculative ...

To be sure, Goldman isn't the only bank to be tainted by 1MDB. Already, Singaporean authorities have frozen bank accounts, and shut down a tiny bank called ...

Trade Deficit


Squirrels, Part 2: A Skugg Mystery from Stuff To Blow Your Mind on RadioPublic

What's one of the best things you can do for your health? Something that will start having a guaranteed and positive impact beginning 20 minutes after you ...

Traces the lives and motives of thirteen men who assassinated or attempted to assassinate leading figures in American history, including several Presidents.

A Defence Of Paradise-Engineering

1. Constructions of Addiction

Australia's BOM ignores all pre-1910 temps, because it was warmer in the late 1800's, than now, leading up to the “Federation Drought” – and that wrecks ...

Humans recognized decades ago the threats they are now facing, yet nothing was done due to political inaction and industry malfeasance which continues to ...




Why Delayed Gratification in the Marshmallow Test Doesn't Equal Success

Vague is an ex-banker, whose fortune was carved in the financial crisis emanating from the bursting of the 1979 oil shock bubble, whose hands-on management ...

Table 15.3 The life-world of persons with melancholia

The British broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, recently carried out a survey of public attitudes to swearing on TV and radio, the results of which I have ...


1 & fig. 2

(DOC) Chastity Plot Noveember 2015 | Lisabeth During - Academia.edu

2 ans après s'être retiré du 'monde' du metal, le groupe GOD SEED (ex-Gorgoroth) vient de sortir un CD/DVD intitulé "Live at Wacken" comprenant donc le live ...

Chart 13: Immigrant Skills, Losing Ground

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The Curse of Oak Island

This is the soul crushing cycle of consumer capitalism, where needs and desires are manufactured as much or more so than goods and services, ...

You wanna help? Bring reusable bags with you when you shop. Top off a durable water bottle with filtered tap water and take it with you when you leave home.

Karin Rosemblatt, "The Science and Politics of Race in Mexico and the United States, 1910–1950" (UNC Press, 2018)