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Tesla claims its latest selfdriving chip is 7 times more powerful

Tesla claims its latest selfdriving chip is 7 times more powerful


Tesla claims its latest self-driving chip is 7 times more powerful than its rivals'

Tesla's new AI chip isn't a silver bullet for self-driving cars

Elon Musk Just Detailed A.I. Chip That Will Power Tesla Full Self-Driving

Tesla bats for full self-driving capabilities; offers benefits worth $13k to employees

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They claim a factor of 21 improvement in frame per second processing versus the previous generation Tesla Autopilot hardware, which was powered by Nvidia ...

A $250K Tesla? Three Factors That Support Elon Musk's Spectacular Claim

Tesla claims its latest self-driving chip is 7 times more powerful than its rivals

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Tesla Autonomy

Citigroup and Goldman Sachs underwriting Tesla raise over $2 billion in funding. They held an investor call on Thursday, where CEO Elon Musk and CFO Zach ...

On Tesla's latest, "Navigate on Autopilot" upgrade, the Tesla Model 3 will

Here are Elon Musk's wildest predictions about Tesla's self-driving cars

The Self-Driving Car Timeline 950×540

Tesla's promise of 'full-self-driving' angers autonomous vehicle experts - CNN


Tesla touts 'best' self-driving chip, says its vehicles can be fully autonomous by end of year


Teslas will be fully autonomous next year. The word, from Elon Musk, came just two days before a Tesla earnings-and-sales report that is not going to be ...

A driver rides hands-free in a Tesla Model S vehicle equipped with Autopilot hardware

Will the update really make Teslas "full self-driving"?

Elon Musk says new Tesla Autopilot chip will be ready in about 6 months

Tesla showcases Autopilot, Full Self-Driving tech in Autonomy Day (Live Blog)


Photograph of a row of new Teslas at a dealership

The Tesla line-up is now a taxi service.

A self-driving Tesla prototype using Nvidia Drive PX 2 AI technology.

Slides with on-die details follow.

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Tesla plans to have 1 million self-driving robo-taxis on the road by 2020

Self-Driving Cars Use Crazy Amounts of Power, and It's Becoming a Problem

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Why Tesla Dropped Nvidia's AI Platform For Self-Driving Cars And Built Its Own

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Developing Custom AI Chip for Autonomous Driving

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Tesla also explained the FSD in detail at a talk during Tesla Autonomy Day this week. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, there was no chip built from the ...

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All the Big Claims Elon Musk Made About Tesla's Autonomous Driving Plans

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A blue Tesla Model 3 on the road

Tesla's Autopilot is garnering poor reviews.

A self driving car seen from the front drives through the dark on a sensored road

The Week in Business: Pinterest Provides I.P.O. Inspiration and Tesla Shows Off Self-Driving CarsThe Week in Business: Pinterest Provides I.P.O. Inspiration ...

Nvidia takes aim at Tesla's custom GPU claims

Musk said at his company's “Autonomy Day” just before that April quarterly report call; “How could it be that Tesla, who has never designed a chip before, ...

Close-up photo of Tesla logo on a red car.

Tesla AI chip “best in the world” Elon Musk teases

Tesla's promise of 'full-self-driving' angers autonomous vehicle experts

Traffic lights and stop sign recognition are in the pipeline for this year, with some commentators predicting that full urban self-driving capability is the ...

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Tesla reveals new self-driving Autopilot hardware 3.0 computer diagram ahead of launch

2018 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance 10


Tesla Custom AI Chip Hardware 3.0

Detroit News auto critic Henry Payne took delivery on his Tesla Model 3 in October,


Self-Driving Tesla Edges Closer as Elon Musk Says A.I. Chip in Production

In the nearly clip, a Tesla can be seen stopping at intersections, driving down

GM's Cruise

FILE PHOTO: A Tesla logo is seen in Los Angeles, California U.S. January 12

Tesla Debuts Its New Crossover SUV Model, Tesla X. “


Still image from Tesla video showing the autopilot navigation.

Faster chip. Side presented at autonomous event

Tesla is three years ahead of all its competitors

Tesla designed 'the best chip in the world' and lidar 'is a fool's errand'

Tesla's Autopilot: What are the key features? Despite its name, Tesla's Autopilot isn't fully autonomous. This is a quick overview of what the Autopilot ...

Elon Musk predicts Tesla will launch a robotaxi service in 2020

We know that other tech giants, including Apple and Google, are also gearing up for the game - we may see evidence of their progress in the near future.

Electric carmaker Tesla announced on Wednesday (Australian time) that it has worked out how to extend the range of its Model S and X electric vehicles well ...

Tesla A $500 Billion Company

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Mighty Suspenseful: Musk Reveals Tesla Full Self-Driving Tech On Monday. Brace Yourself

Tesla's new chips are already in its latest cars, and Musk claims they're powerful enough to power full self-driving.

Elon Musk claims any carmaker relying on lidar is "doomed"

... Tesla Develops Own Self-Driving AI Chip - Removes NVIDIA


PHOTO: In this file photo dated Oct. 14, 2015, a member of

Power Consumption Self-Driving Cars

Tesla says its new self-driving chip will help make its cars autonomous - MIT Technology Review