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Swutzerlands mllulary has remalned neulral smce 1815 but the

Swutzerlands mllulary has remalned neulral smce 1815 but the


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When all your friends failed the exam but you fucking nailed it - iFunny :)

When u ask the waiter how big the appetizer is 7:44 PM . 2/10/19 - Twitter for iPhone 1,592 Retweets 6,674 Likes - iFunny :)

Driving a 240sx with OEM wheels Driving a 24OSX with BBS RS replicas - iFunny :)

List of people burned as heretics From Wikipedia, the (fee encyclopedia This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding ir. you can help by expanding it.

Whataboutism is a Cold War propaganda tactic the Soviet Union started [18“ É/ 5 . the 19403 to deflect unwanted criticisms and accusations.

When your mom is yelling at your siblings and tells you to go get her a belt... - iFunny :)


I hate when people ask me what ima be doing in 1 year .. like cmon guys i dont have 2020 vision - iFunny :)

Vet: your cat is extremely overweight, what are you feeding him Jon Arbuokle: an entire lasagna every day Vet: you need to stop that immediately Jon: but he ...

When you have to rectify certain inequities before you buy Turf Wars - iFunny :)

Have no clue what the fuck Fortnite is but you can build massive walls so i love it 2/6/18, 3103 PM - iFunny :)

Manager: You may have been angry, but we prefer to use the phrase "Seth, Please desist in your vocal activity as I'm finding it hard to be productive" ...

Sunnis have been killing Shia since the massacre at Karbala in 680 AD. If we wait until they stop killing each other, we will stay for a thousand years or ...

When you got all ready to fuck your man but then he says something stupid. - iFunny :)

A_big_pile_of_trash: I have no idea who you are but you seem pretty cool based off your posts wait I see Billy corgan I approve Ú . - iFunny :)

When it's 11:55 and you remember you have an 15 page paper due at 11:59 - iFunny :)

When the school shooter kills themselves when thev net nm mht - iFunny :)

The world is funny, if the government finds diamonds or oil in your backyard, it's government property. But if they find drugs. it's vours. - iFunny :)

. malchay No, I'm not plagued by horrible sad feelings about Samandriel's death. Why would you think that? - iFunny :)

Hobos but instead of riding the rails they ride giant fake Christmas trees, the ones cities use to look festive, toasted - Hobos but instead of riding the ...

Dempsey: I am getting so damn sick of you, Richtofen! Should've left you back at that damn dig site! Richtofen: - iFunny :)

When Targaryen women are supposed to fuck their brothers but both your brothers are dead so you fuck your nephew - iFunny :)

It's hilarious how 0U talk shit behind my bac And it's downright comical that you think I'm unaware. - iFunny :)

You cheated not only the game, but yourself. Nothing ms risked und nothing was galned. It's sad that you don't knuw the difference. - iFunny :)

This is The Abortion Bi hich was just sent up from Congress gm The Abortion Bill? Ithought I paid thatl! - iFunny :)

So is anyone else gonna bring up the time Tom Holland morphed into Toby Maguire or are we just gonna accept that - iFunny :)

Actress @LauraHarrier is reportedly set to reprise her role as Liz Toomes in #SpiderManFarFromHome! bit.Iv/2T3T59t - iFunny :)

Hey Drew it's Brendan Fraser from the movie "George of the. Jungle". Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday! :) Thanks but it's not my ...

Me at McDonalds : Can I have a tray sir? Employee : I'm already tracer - iFunny :)

As A Trans Woman, I've 59911 Nerd Cullure's Misogvn)' From Boll les Thls garbage must be removed, whether bx burning or bx buying. - iFunny :)

Smash ultimate would be the best smash Bros if it had stage builder and home run contest. I guess brawl still reigns supreme. - iFunny :)


"Grab his \, and twist it" - iFunny :)

PCTTeRFaCTS Hawthorn is not easy to master, however, Ollivander would only consider utting a hawthorn in the hands of a witch ar wizard o proven talent, ...

When Elon Musk posts a super cute selfie but it's during the month of November - iFunny :)

And lesbians should not scissor with the runs. - iFunny :)

When the priest calls you in fora "confession" but you molest him first - iFunny :)

When everyone said u were r'y smart and responsub'e as a kxd but u havem Hy made any \mprovemems as a human bemg since - iFunny :)

Roses are red, Romance is an art (gnn xdfewsreauíi' A High School Teacher Allegedly Told A Student To “Lick Me Where I Fart" - iFunny :)

Im so happy that it is Seokjín's birthday today. - Im so happy that it is Seokjin's birthday today. - iFunny :)

If her name ends in the "uhh” sound she's gonna give you uhh headache - iFunny :)

A stranger came up and told us we had the same hair... then proceeded to ask to snap a pic then sent it to me - iFunny :)

That manager is annoying the living shit out of me Imfao dude it's not like the girl was pointing a gun to her head chill - iFunny :)

Scientists at Harvard University have created this 3D Model depicting what ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra may have looked like. - iFunny :)

Cohmedy l This is TOO real - iFunny :)

The best part of being a flight attendant has to be when you walk the aisle saying "trash" to everyone's face. 11/4/18,11:05 PM 4,985 Retweets 42.8K Likes ...

“Blocking the bad stuff:' How NASCAR's Danica Patrick relates to 'Wonder Woman' It was (lme Vor Thomas to leave. He had seen evevylhlpg. - iFunny :)

If you got married today your 50th wedding anniversary would be 4/20/69 - If you got married today your 50th wedding anniversary would be 4/20/69 - iFunny ...

. theneurotypicals Follow Someone 2 * is late* Me: Were we supposed to meet at this time? Is this really the place we were going to meet up?

Guys with eyeliner like this have a125% chance of Stealing your girl: - iFunny :)

This man is invited ' tv show... en a - iFunny :)

When you're browsing in the deep web and see yourself with a 70% discount. - iFunny :)

When you. think someone waving at you. but they waving at the person behind you. - iFunny :)

Her first injection was a VAGGINATION... : Itbegan in a doctor's office... It ended in JUNKIE TOWN! Vaccinations leave a lasting impression in children that ...

Lots has happened. Got a new boyfriend, got a hair cut, n I have so many new friends now. Thanks high school. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll - Lots has happened.

Jaebeom kept looking for his parents till he found them, and happiness was written all over his face, He kept blowing kisses to them, while smiling so ...

Cleopatra was Greek Macedonian, a descendant of Ptolemy I. Sure, maybe brown skinned, but not African. Alexander the Great (Greek) conquered Ancient Egypt ...

National Express have unknowingly named their mascot after some rude gay slang Hi, I'm Bussy Bear! NEWS - iFunny :)

This petition had 114 supporters . Ty Hatfield started this petition to Government & S-cientists Every Dollar spent on the war on drugs could be a ...

Posting Malcolm Holmes everyday until he gets featured (Day 168) - Posting Malcolm Holmes everyday until he gets featured (Day 168) - iFunny :)

"I Wish I could help you Sarah, but I'm a family doctor and you're an orphan" - iFunny :)

This post alone is funnier than any joke that ever passed this woman's lips - iFunny :)

When a white dude is trying to explain why he is actually the biggest victim of racism and sexism - iFunny :)

When you look at the comments section and dont find any endgame spoilers - iFunny :)

B was smiling so hard and as soon as chanyeol turned to talk to him he got all shy 0 why are they (in love) like this - iFunny :)

Thought we were gonna do good but I guess not - iFunny :)

When you walk into the school bathroom only to find the white kid loading up his glock - iFunny :)


*Weeks of my mom telling me to take out the overflowing trash* Mom: OMG you finally took out the trash - iFunny :)

Getting called a liar when you're literally telling nothing but the truth is the most frustrating thing ever - iFunny :)

Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. weird-facts'org m guys I need to confess....I've got a diseaseG - iFunny :)