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Our heart is one of the most important organs but surprisingly

Our heart is one of the most important organs but surprisingly


Scientists found a 'new organ,' but it might not be what you're expecting

Xenotransplantation: could a pig's heart save your life?

Anatomy model with internal organs ...

You can feel it and you can hear it beating! We probably don't think about our hearts often but it is the most vital organ of our body that keeps us alive.

The respiratory system is vital for the input of oxygen and the output of carbon dioxide

24 Amazing Facts About Your Heart – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

The lungs and windpipe were important symbols in ancient Egypt.

Image may contain: text that says '15 Foods That Take Care of Your Heart

Surprising Heart Facts Infographic | UnityPoint Health -Des Moines. 1. Your ...

15 Foods That Take Care of Your Heart and Decrease the Risk of Heart Attacks

Sing with all your heart.

10 Surprising Reasons Your Heart Is Racing

The heart

1. Psoriatic Arthritis and Your Heart

Oxygen's surprisingly complex journey through your body - Enda Butler

stomach organ

Jahi McMath 2018: there's a surprisingly rich debate about how to define death - Vox

Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders

Our heart is one of the most important organs, but, surprisingly. #15

A surprise from your gut: Good blood pressure

You might not think twice about your liver. Here's why you should.

How old are your organs? To scientists' surprise, organs are a mix of young and old cells

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effects of chemo

UPDATED: Spain leads the world in organ donation. What's stopping other countries catching up?

There are several ways that high blood pressure contributes to heart damage. Your heart is one of the most vital organs you have, and you only get one.

7 things you should know about donating your body to science

Which animal's heart is most like a human's?

Your Digestive System Is Surprisingly Long

13 Ways You're Secretly Hurting Your Liver

A DNA helix

the inside story of our body's most under-rated organ. Giulia Enders (trans. David Shaw)

10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brains Work

9 surprising facts about the sense of touch

Kidneys - $200,000 is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Here's What All

The arteries in your heart are supposed to be a strong, flexible elastic consistency. They have a smooth inner lining to help blood flow freely.

Though Heart is his third book, it's his first foray into stories that revolve around the body's most vital organ.

Heart Health - Surprisingly more important than abs

Gut: the inside story of our body's most under-rated organ by [Enders

Your heart does more work than you might imagine.

Labeled diagram of the human skeleton.

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... reaction our body has to such a traumatic loss. It can be surprising and disheartening to have our body “betray” us when we feel we are most vulnerable.

Study finds that energy drinks may seriously mess with your heart

13 Surprising Medical Conditions That Can Cause Weight Gain or Loss (and When to Go to the Doctor)

The liver has over 500 functions.

It's never too early to start thinking about your heart as atherosclerosis starts from 25

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7 Habits for a Healthy Heart

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benefits of donating blood

a woman holding a heart

From DNA to the atoms inside us, the human body is a scientific marvel. Photograph: David Smith/Alamy

In an autologous bone marrow transplant, hematopoietic stem cells are harvested from the blood or

Genetic analysis reveals new evidence of Homo sapiens interbreeding with Denisovans, an extinct species closely related to Neanderthals and known from a ...

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Potassium Benefits

Regenerated heart

Isotope imaging of different cells inside an islet of Langerhans within the pancreas. Older cells have a yellow-to-pink color scheme, while younger cells ...

10 Surprising Facts About Organ Donation

How physical exercise makes your brain work better

Surprising ways to beat anxiety and become mentally strong – according to science

Bad habits for your heart

Ask the doctor

Some foods contain cholesterol, but surprisingly they don't make a big difference to the cholesterol in your blood.

Introducing Brain Health, The Most Important Thing You've Probably Never Thought About

Why is it that every time you make a mention of a heart disease or a

Your heart is a coordinated machine. The right side pumps blood into your lungs, while the left side pumps it back into your body.

how our brain works, how our brains work multitasking and the brain


The Offal-Eater's Handbook: Untangling the Myths of Organ Meats

The Surprising History of the Infographic

heart palpitation anatomy concept

From bowel movements to rigor mortis, here's what's in store for your body after the sweet release of death.