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Off with their heads We got to honor the Deity of Decapitation

Off with their heads We got to honor the Deity of Decapitation


Off with their heads! We got to honor the Deity of Decapitation today . #

Mr Rao is alleged to have been attempting to sacrifice the child to the Hindu goddess

A decapitated, nude, red-complexioned woman stands, raising her left arm,

A decapitated, nude, red-complexioned goddess stands on a copulating couple inside a

Depicted enthroned, a decapitated, dark-complexioned woman wearing a red/orange sari

Muslim American society video

A guillotine being prepared in a French town square.

Depiction of an Ethiopian Emperor executing a number of people, 18th century. Decapitation ...

'ISIS terrorists' branded two Scandinavian women 'enemies of God' as they decapitated one of them

For Honor Lawbringer Off With Their Head execution on all characters

Kathy Griffin's photo of a fake, bloody Trump head has would-be buyers chomping at the bit to have it hanging in their living rooms ... but the photog has ...

Beheadings in an illumination from Froissart's Chronicles from the beginning of the 15th century – the execution of Guillaume Sans and his secretary in ...

The skeletons were buried with their heads between their legs (Image: Archaeological Solutions /SWNS)

... presented to his wife Emer, who accepts them. Not a souvenir I'd like to see on my sideboard, but I guess they did things differently in the Iron Age.

Virgin Mary Statue Beheaded At Chino Catholic Church

Ted Bundy had sex with victims' decapitated corpses and kept HEADS as mementos

Two new F.O.A.D. releases are out now, get ready because these will make your ears bleed! As previously announced, our deadly recipe for this month consists ...

The Mayan Pantheon: The Many Gods of the Maya

Norse god Odin (left) approaching the god Mimir's well beneath the world tree,

The Beheading of the Holy Prophet and Forerunner John the Baptist

10. Saint Afra

God made you special and loves you very much.

Goddess Kali kills the dacoits chopping off their heads and decapitating them and protects Jada-Bharata - Krishna's pure devotee.

UPDATE: Fox Home Entertainment & 'Sleepy Hollow' Marketer Apologize For “Headless Day” Promo After Beheading Of Second U.S. Journalist

Schlitterbahn water park indictments highlight lax state rules

Sculpture in the Great Ballcourt at Chichen Itza depicting sacrifice by decapitation. The figure at

Detroit Tigers find some offense, lose their defense and snap losing streak

"You find yourselves here because you came to f*** us," says the narrator of the video, after the hostages have finished speaking. "Pay attention, men."


Icon of St. John the Baptist.

God's Days of Worship

... Ichabod was horror-struck on perceiving that he was headless! But his horror was still more increased on observing that the head, which should have ...

Medusa's head depicted on a mosaic floor in a tepidarium of the Roman era. Museum of Sousse, Tunisia.

Relics of St. Valentine of Terni at the basilica of Saint Mary in Cosmedin

The German media at the behest of Chancellor Merckle are censoring the public decapitation of a one year old baby. LET THEM KN ALREADY!

Commonly referred to as Lourdes of Wales, Winefride was the daughter of Tyfid ap Eiludd, a Welsh nobleman, and his wife Wenlo. Wenlo was the sister of Saint ...

Illustration: Martin Ansin

Want a God of War PC game? Here are five alternatives to try

It's a cheeky bit of daftness from Argento but like much of the man's best work, you have to love the audacity. Besides, who ever watched giallo for the ...

A new movie revisits a bloody moment in royal history

'ISIS terrorists' branded two Scandinavian women 'enemies of God' as they decapitated one of them

A fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti

A German engraving c. 1830, showing Anne Boleyn's execution. (Photo: Lisby/Public Domain). “I have ...

Smelling out a rat; or the atheistical-revolutionist disturbed in his midnight calculations, engraving 1790, Richard Price seated at a desk, ...

The Untold Story of the Head of St. John the Baptist Priest Maxim Massalitin

Indian teen girl beheaded, mutilated in suspected honour killing

Priest Says God 'Chose Right Time' for Recovery of 21 Beheaded Christians' Bodies; Families Respond - The Christian Post

We do not celebrate the day when the English people separated Charles I's head from his body – an epoch-shattering occasion – but we should, argues KEITH ...

Toni Collette Just Made the Wildest Movie of Her Career


Oliver Machada, 19, was found not guilty of first degree murder on Monday by

Doctors reattach toddler's DECAPITATED head after horror car crash

Until King Thor did this:

Hero holding his head, Pallava period. Mallam, Gudur Taluk, Nellore

That Time A Cannon Blew Up And Decapitated A Navy Secretary - Task & Purpose

8. Saint Basilissa

Gautama Buddha

“'It's Allah's will': Fanatics branded two Scandinavian women the 'enemies of God' as they filmed themselves decapitating one of the tourists in Morocco ...

Cover art for Decapitated - Anticult album

... L-R: Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28,

Skull of St. John the Baptist

France; Statue of Virgin Mary Decapitated

Barron Trump Thought Kathy Griffin's Beheaded Trump Image Was His Dad

Junipero Serra Statue Beheaded at Old Mission

French police have shut off Air Products in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon

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Timothy Paul Hernandez, 32, beheaded girlfriend Vanessa Cons in front of their three-

Bible scholar Tzemah Yoreh questions the common telling of the binding of Isaac -- the

For Honor patch replaces groping animation, but controversy lingers


Coatlicue, c. 1500, Mexica (Aztec), found on the SE edge

Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, who was sent to fetch her head by King Polydectes of Seriphus because Polydectes wanted to marry his mother, Danae. The gods ...

It appears the photos were taken before staff at the Santa Barbara Mission had arrived or were aware ...

Picture courtesy: Pinterest/Vaish

... or fall down a big hole and our heroes ride off into the sunset in what is a fitting end to the concluding (I said the concluding) film in the series.

Smelling out a rat; or the atheistical-revolutionist disturbed in his midnight 'calculations

The Church of Wussies: this is why John the Baptist was Beheaded

Judith with the Head of Holofernes

Through Ganesha, her intentions have succeeded. Shiva now does her darshan. This makes Ganesha Mangal murti, the auspicious one.

Botticelli, Judith with the Head of Holofernes, ca. 1470. Image via Wikimedia

Belief in the Divine Right of Kings

The Honorable Death: Samurai and Suicide in Feudal Japan | Ancient Origins

The pioneering operation took 7 hours

Good Samaritan Helps Boy Survive 'Internal Decapitation' in Idaho Car CrashGood Samaritan Helps Boy Survive 'Internal Decapitation' in Idaho Car Crash

Saudi Arabia: 14 men facing 'imminent' beheading, highlighting sectarian divisions


The Beheading of John the Baptist