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Learn How and When to Prune Lilacs Gardening Prune lilac bush

Learn How and When to Prune Lilacs Gardening Prune lilac bush


Tips for pruning lilacs

Pruning Lilac Bushes: When To Trim Lilac Bushes

One of the few plants that survived my garden renovation was an old, overgrown lilac. I saved it because it blocked the view of my neighbor's garage and, ...

Pruning your lilac bushes the right way is essential for getting those beautiful blooms every Spring. Learn when and how to prune lilacs so that this ...

Do you know when to prune Lilacs or how to prune them? Lilac general care

Learn everything you need to know about pruning lilacs!

Learn how to prune lilac bushes the right way so that they retain their beautiful shape and produce beautiful blooms every Spring!

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Pruning Lilac

Lilacs growing over fence. OGphoto/Getty Images. Most flowering shrubs need regular pruning ...

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Pruning Lilacs Diagram

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Tips for pruning lilacs

How to Prune Lilac Bushes

SOON TIME for TRIMMING!!!!! pruning lilac bushes is IMMIDEATELY after their flowering has ceased. This allows new shoots plenty of time to develop the next ...

Pruning lilacs

Reasons Why A Lilac Bush Is Not Blooming And How To Fix Them

Lilac bushes make a vibrant and fun addition to any garden.

Do you know when to prune Lilacs or how to prune them? Lilac general care

Read This if You Don't Know How to Prune Lilac Bushes the Right Way | Ideas for outdoor spaces | Prune lilac bush, Lilac bushes, Lilac tree

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Purple Lilacs in Bloom


Removing stems

How to Prune Lilacs


Lilacs from Crocus

Pruning Lilacs

Pruning California Lilac

Learn everything you need to know about lilac bushes, from planting to growing to pruning. Lilac bushes can last for decades!

beautiful flowers of the fragrant lilac tree

Lilac pruning

Would you do this to your favorite lilacs? We did - and we did the deed in mid-July, about a month past the ideal time to prune. The shrubs in question are ...

How to Prune Tree-Type Lilacs. Some lilacs bloom as early as January in warm, coastal areas.

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Lilac Shrubs. Yankee Doodle Lilacs

Learn how to grow lilac bushes in your garden this Spring with a few simple tips

interesting lilac facts infographic

When to Prune Shrubs | Gardening Advice

Lilacs on a bush

Pruning lilacs

These are my tall lilac hedges. I planted this allee about 11-years ago not far from my tennis court and chicken coops. It has thrived ever since, ...

pruning lilac bushes

Trimming can benefit a lilac bush.

A lilac flower in a pot in a garden

If life with your overgrown shrub has just become unbearable, remove all old stock and leave just new shoots.

Do you know when to prune Lilacs or how to prune them? Lilac general care

Lilacs come in seven colors: violet, blue, lilac, pink, red, purple and white. The purple lilacs have the strongest scent compared to other colors.

How to Plant and Grow Lilacs

Wish to lend a neat, groomed look to your garden? You need to maintain good plant care, and resort to pruning, from time to time. Lilac bushes are some of ...

Tips for Cutting Back Overgrown Bushes and Shrubs

Growing Dwarf Lilacs – Learn About Common Dwarf Lilac Varieties

A blooming lilac bush full of pink flowers.

How to Grow Lilacs, its easier than you think!


Pruning lilacs: Timing is critical if you want blooms next year

IN THE GARDEN: Growing lilacs

Pruning your lilacs

Blooming purple lilac shrub

... then this list of full sun perennials will give you plenty to work with. Before you know it, your garden will be the envy of your entire neighborhood!

Loppers in Hand, Sculpturing the Bushes

Growing lilac: make way for heavenly scents

pruning lilac trees

Lilacs come in a variety of colors and can be pruned like small trees.

Prune a dwarf lilac

Cut spent flowers after the spring bloom period to encourage a second growth of flowers in

Syringa vulgaris and hybrids lilac

Lilacs can become straggly over time

Old Farmer's Almanac

Mauve lilac tree

Planting Lilac Bushes & How to Grow Them


Tips to ensure they will thrive in your garden

Lilacs do not require spring pruning. Many gardeners wait until later in the summer to avoid cutting off any potential blossoms.

Lilac Care – Growing And Planting Lilac Bush Plants

Lilacs. Syringa spp. Lilac Bushes

Although the mildew isn't going to kill your plant, pruning the bushes is the easiest way to treat and prevent the spread of disease.

Old-fashioned lilacs (Syring vulgaris) may indeed take up to five years to bloom. However, the smaller types, such as Bloomerang or Meyer lilac usually will ...


Spring is popping with big, beautiful, purple lilac blooms.

Grow lilac bushes this Spring with these lilac care tips! Growing lilacs is easy once

pruning shrub in the fall

How to Prune Your Bloomerang Lilac

Neglected Lilacs

Pruning lilacs

Deadheading faded flowers directs the plant's energy into new growth.

Planting Lilac Bushes & How to Grow Them