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Lara Trump Refugees One of the Worst Things to Ever Happen to

Lara Trump Refugees One of the Worst Things to Ever Happen to


Lara Trump was talking about immigration on Fox Business when she made the comments

Still of Lara Trump speaking on Fox News

Lara Trump: Merkel admitting migrants 'one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany'

... refugees was 'one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany'. Lara Trump last month in New York City. (Jamie Mccarthy/Getty Images)

Lara Trump: Refugees 'one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany'

Lara Trump Calls Angela Merkel Allowing In Refugees 'One Of The Worst Things That Ever Happened To Germany,' And People Are Flabbergasted

Lara Trump

Lara Trump called Chancellor Angela Merkel's 2015 immigration policy "the downfall of Germany" in

Lara Trump Says Refugees One Of Worst Things To Ever Happen To Germany, And Twitter Has Some Thoughts On This

Lara Trump: Refugees Are 'Downfall of Germany,' 'One of the Worst Things to Ever Happened' to It

In this file photo, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, right, and U.N. Refugees High. 1

Bobby Lewis on Twitter: "On Fox Business, Lara Trump claims that Angela Merkel's welcoming of refugees was "the downfall of Germany" and "one of the worst ...

Refugee influx spurred Germany's 'downfall', says Lara Trump

Lara Trump: Refugees Are 'Downfall of Germany,' 'One of the Worst Things to Ever Happened' to It. '

Donald Trump has a famously bad chemistry with Angela Merkel and an 'obsession' with her country © Reuters

“One Will Be Guaranteed to Turn Out Like Me”: How Donald Trump Fathered a Loyal Army of Mini-Mes

Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Lara Yunaska

Donald Trump Jr., Vanessa Haydon Trump, Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Ivanka

Anita Hill says she is not satisfied with Biden's regret over 1991 hearings – as it happened

lara eric don jr vanessa trump

In an interview with Fox Business' Stuart Varney, Lara Trump said her father-in-law, President Donald Trump, is trying to avoid Germany's mistake by ...

Anderson Cooper Hits Lara Trump With A History Lesson | HuffPost

Donald Trump Jr.'s Skittles Tweet Fits a PatternDonald Trump Jr.'s Skittles Tweet Fits a Pattern

Lara Trump

Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump pose with local developer Jose Antonio during a press conference

Can Donald Jr. and Eric Trump Really Run the Family Business?

Eric Trump suggests that Tiffany Trump enjoys day drinking live on Fox News | indy100

Eric and Ivanka Trump

How Eric Trump and Wife Lara Became the Most Normal, Least Controversial Trump Couple | E! News

Donald Trump Junior's ill-informed tweet was criticised for exaggerating the risk of a terror

The Danger of President Pence


Joe Biden announces 2020 presidential run

Here are 282 of Donald Trump's campaign promises. - The Washington Post

Swalwell Slams Lara Trump for Having 'German-Born Grandfather-in-Law'

What's Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated?

An Evangelical Christian Defends Trump's First Week in Office

Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump outside the main doors of Donald Trump's penthouse at Trump Tower

Lynette Villano and Donald Trump.

Trump and the facts about the migrant caravan

Ivanka Trump: all the things you didn't know

Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Lara Yunaska, Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr.

All the Terrifying Things That Donald Trump Did Lately. By Eric Levitz

Doubts grow over Germany's balanced budget rule

'Family of morons': Lara Trump relentlessly mocked for saying one of the worst things Germany has done is accept refugees

U.S. President Donald Trump in the Oval Office September 11, 2018 in Washington, DC

Donald Trump Jr. embodies all the worst aspects of his father's presidency

Trump: one-year warning for Mexico to stop drugs, people

Donald Trump

Eric And Lara's Baby Will Not Be A Jewish Trump

Photo illustration by WG600*

'She's so inauthentic': the unmasking of Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump Jr. gestures to the crowd during his speech at the Republican National Convention. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Donald Trump surrounded by his son Eric, left, plus his daughter Ivanka and son

You just have no answer so now we have moved on to name calling. 2. You're an ignorant fool if you still don't understand.pic.twitter.com/DJfTfm8XuT

Asked about more than 200 arson attacks against homes for asylum-seekers seen in Germany

Jared Kushner

Michael Eric Dyson: Donald Trump is "what black people have warned America about"

Biden brings broad appeal in battle for 2020 – but don't expect a revolution

Merkel Slams 'Protectionism' and 'Trade Conflicts' in Apparent Dig at Trump. “

President Trump Donald John TrumpPelosi privately told Democrats she wants Trump 'in prison': report Pelosi privately told Democrats she wants Trump ' in ...

Ricardo Lara is pictured. | AP Photo. “

Lara, Vanessa Trump — wives of Eric and Don Jr. — split on White House - Business Insider

Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Lara Yunaska, 2009

Dismay in Berlin after Mike Pompeo scraps Germany trip

Lara Trump: Merkel Welcoming Refugees 'One Of The Worst Things That Ever Happened To Germany'

Trump Has Quietly Cut Legal Aid for Migrant Kids Separated from Parents - VICE

Donald Trump Jr.'s incredible history of dumb decisions - Chicago Tribune

Trump, the Jews and anti-Semitism: A Dangerous Double Game. '

What Omarosa Thinks of Pence, Melania, and the Trump Kids

Trump Jr. likens refugees to Skittles

22 Tweets That Came Back to Haunt President Trump

In one move, Trump eliminated US funding for UNRWA and the US role as Mideast peacemaker

Muslim comedian sat next to Eric Trump on a flight

What Happened When We Tried to Debate Immigration

Don Jr. and Eric Trump enjoy Irish pub crawl during taxpayer-funded visit. “

Omarosa Manigault-Newman on the Today show on August 13, 2018, the day before her new book, Unhinged, was published. Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images


trump kids inauguration

US President Donald Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on September 26, 2018

The Threat of International Adoption for Migrant Children Separated From Their Families

Eric Trump, Jeanine Pirro posing for the camera: Eric Trump, Lara Trump and

Celebrities back Palestinian refugees as Trump makes new threats

Image: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds up a rainbow flag with "LGBT's for

The Insurmountable Obstacle to a Compromise on Trump's Wall

Lara Trump claims that one of the worst things that has happened to Germany in German

'I am a gaffe machine': a history of Joe Biden's biggest blunders

What does Trump really think about Russia and US vote?

Sir Arthur Palgrove



President Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump made a recent statement on Fox where she declared that the refugees were one of “the worst things ever to ...

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaks while US President Donald Trump listens before a meeting at

Germany's search for a new diplomatic map