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Image result for lv426 gif Scifi Action Adventure Lightning

Image result for lv426 gif Scifi Action Adventure Lightning


The Marines still can't find any xenomorphs, but they're definitely entering the hive now. Thing is, if they start firing their pulse rifles in here they'll ...

After The Events in “Alien”, James Cameron Made It Clear That Ellen Ripley Refused to Be Part of Another Mission

My school did a play version of Alien. Here's a picture from opening night last night. : LV426

The movie begins by demonstrating that whoever revealed what happens when you shine a laser into a smoky room was doing science fiction a big favour.

Alien preproduction design of a tranporter 'borrowed' for planned B movie sequel- Moontrap 2 ...

art/comicCan ...

Cyberpunk Art, Cyberpunk Character, Sci Fi Armor, Character Art, Character Concept,

Aliens (1986) – Deep Focus Review – Movie Reviews, Critical Essays, and Film Analysis

These were tough choices and the FWS community helped me out to narrow down the massive amount of choices that exist in the whole of visual science fiction.

Aliens (1986) by Rory Kurtz [640x960]




From Atari to Isolation: A video and written history of Alien games

For zero-gee shots, a stunt team moved the actor through the set using a dolly-mounted parallelogram.

The camerawork, lighting, set design, locations, and CG were all handled well. The costuming was fine and felt like it was trying ...

art/comicXenomorph ...


... had only ever seen one Xenomorph creature on screen, but when the Colonial Marines tracked down the colonists at the atmospheric processor on LV-426, ...

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Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant' Looks Horrifying, Gory & Disgusting [Footage Report]

'Alien: Covenant' Featurette Has Easter Egg for 1979 Movie | Inverse


Aliens (film)

Alien Origin, Aliens Movie, Monster Hunter, Sci Fi Art, Cool Artwork,

Aliens: Special Edition

Why Aliens is the greatest action movie ever made


veronica cartwright in alien

Bishop Sees The Engineer's Way's Through David's Eyes (unofficial NECA Alien film)

Certified Fresh TV

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Colonial Marines From 'Aliens' - Task & Purpose

Image for Prometheus

Now fans of the Alien science fiction series have a day, too. Today's date, 4/26, symbolizes LV-426, the planet where humans encounter chest bursters, ...

Love, Death & Robots

Aliens [DVD] [1986]

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in ...

art/comicAlien Day Noodle by Furio Tedeschi ...

Alien: Covenant [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD] [

... but you heard it hear ...

Dallas' original, grisly fate

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The Alien: Covenant Xenomorph / Protomorph

/tv/ - Television & Film » Thread #83006203

Alien/s/3Why ...

And this is Gateway Station, which I'm going to assume is basically an orbital colony. A really weird one that looks like a matte painting attached to a ...

EXCLUSIVE: Sci-fi legend Alan Dean Foster on his Alien novel, giant parasitic wasps, and rescuing Jones the Cat

The Blot Says...: Alien Video Game Deco 8-Bit Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko – An Entertainment Earth Exclusive!

Are Alien & Blade Runner Set in the Same Universe?

ALIENS is intense, emotional, and ultimately rewarding; ALIEN is mythic, dealing with a vast universe that isn't necessarily hostile to humanity as it is ...

A screenshot of the patched version of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Taking place soon after the events of Aliens, Colonial Marines sees the USS Sulaco mysteriously reappear in the orbit of LV-426. The Sulaco, of course, ...

Garry's Mod

There's a Bunch of Gorgeous Alien Art Being Released For Alien Day


IGN Live: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Awesome, it's another magical orb that will likely bring ruination to life as we know

Black Lightning

So kick back while Steve pretends he's Jim Bowie defending the Alamo from Mark, Jeff and Ken.


Planet from AC. "


Second Official “Stranger Things” Season 2 Poster Has a Close Encounter

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Worth Buying?

Robots Drawing, Deep Space, Artificial Intelligence, Print Poster, Eve

Hudson has a question.

The 25 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Right Now

Alien 6-film Collection [bd + Dhd] [Blu-ray]

In the Spirit of Re-Animator and From Beyond, Watch Andrew Bowser's Short Film “House Mother”

Why does any of this happen? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS AND WHO THE FUCK CARES

Sir Ridley Scott Respectfully Requests The Privilege Of Kicking Your Ass Next Summer!! (The.


The aliens have themselves a fort and now the Marines have one too, so they're stuck in a classic sci-fi 'base under siege' situation.

Dickass DM

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Close quarters situations can be frustrating.

“Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy …”

Battle the xenomorphs in new Aliens vs Pinball tables from Zen Studios

Post ...

Mike's ...

The 20 Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Characters Ever, Ranked

A true video shop classic here, and an awesome slipcase blu ray release from #88films “Creepozoids” the 1987 classic post nuclear war sci-fi horror set in ...

Bachman's Best – Daredevil Season 2 ***Spoiler Free Review***

Before ...

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