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Here are some tips on dealing with mud on the homestead Sheep

Here are some tips on dealing with mud on the homestead Sheep


Here are some tips on dealing with mud on the homestead.

Here are some tips to get rid of mud on the farm this spring. From

9 Things to Expect if You Get Sheep

Mud can make you and your animals sick - and it can also make gardening much

Sheep Care on Small Farms and Homesteads

This ewe lamb was born on May 19, 2018 in the middle of a huge

This ewe lamb was born on May 15, 2018 weighing 2.5kg. Her mother

This ewe lamb was born on May 24, 2018 weighing 2. kg. Her

To read about the perks involved in sposorSHEEP you can read about it over here.

Lambing in Winter.

Baby lamb Caterpillar - Why You Need Sheep on Your Homestead! Life On The Farm

This ewe lamb was born on May 24, 2018 weighing 2.15kg. Her mother

Mama Noel | The Elliott Homestead

Lambing in Winter.

How To Build A Sacrifice Area

homesteading, homestead. homestead.org

This ewe lamb was born on May 23, 2018 weighing 2.25kg. Her mother

The Shocking Truth About Electric Fencing for Sheep Learn How to Build Electric Fences to Keep Livestock In and Predators Out

What Animals Can Be Raised with Chickens?

Baby Lamb Dill | The Elliott Homestead

Premier ewes walking through our handling system with our Surefoot Foot Bath.

Now lets talk about the different breeds

This ewe lamb was born on May 10, 2018 weighing 2.5kg. Her mother

Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep Starting A Farm, Raising Chickens, Raising Goats, Best

Animal-husbandry management also includes managing mud. One can't have animals without having mud. Mud, commonly found in areas where livestock congregates ...

Photo by leggypeggy.com

Learn how to improve your homestead pasture management with sheep. They help control weeds, add fertility, and more!

This ewe lamb was born on May 19, 2018 in the middle of a huge

A list of everything you must do on the homestead this spring

Kara with her first sheep


What to Think About Before You Buy Sheep

Luke our sheep wrangler for the day       ...

What is the Homestead Shearing Philosophy?

Homestead Costs: Does Homesteading Save Money?

Time For Lamb Chops! The Perfect Size To Process

The mother stimulates the baby by licking, and the baby begins to bob its head, looking for the teat, while at the same time trying to stand up.

This isn't for everyone, but if you keep hens and a friendly rooster, building and sustaining your homestead flock ...

Sheep care

Happy Goats

Eleanor, the ewe | The Elliott Homestead

Female shepherd with her sheep

Credit: Thinkstock Drainage problems are the reason horse farms get mud in paddocks or fields

Photo Gallery for Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair

Shop Just for Goats & Sheep. A big brown goat standing in green grass with

Here at the Homestead, Animal Friendly means our animals are treated humanely, with the utmost consideration and respect for their physical and mental ...

Post Shearing - hardly recognize these girls!

Many people teach themselves to lamb with books and online resources. Here is a great guide to kidding and preparation, and here are some additional tips.


Soulful Photos of Animals Saved from Slaughter or Neglect

As a contract shepherd, lambing season is an especially busy time for me. Alongside working with our flocks here at home, I also take up residence in ...

Again, our pigs have access to a large, outdoor pen where they roll in their self-made mud puddle and lay in the sunshine all ...

We bought a lovely little farm on five acres years ago and wanted to find a suitable name for it. But after coming up empty with internet searches, ...

Photo Gallery for Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair

Our oldest lambs are nearly 6 weeks old now. They've grown enough that the later ones are catching up to the early ones and the singles have really jumped ...

First time shearing for little Rosie.

Homemade Udder Balm Recipe

Trumpey Homestead

Photo by zoegracefletcher.com

raising miniature goats

With the nice weather this past weekend, part of our outside chores included moving the lambs (and their mommas) to new pastures. There's grass coming up, ...

Woman shepherds hair sheep on sustainable North Georgia Farm

Photo Gallery for Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair

Farm with charm ... the animals play a key role in the Tobruk experience

Sheep: Adding meat sheep was a great move for us. Much of our land is rocky terrain that is too steep for a cow to maneuver easily.

How to Name Your Homestead


How to Raise Sheep Goat Farming, Backyard Farming, Hobby Farms, Farm Animals,

Please take a minute and see if my book is something you would like to have in your homestead library.

Tips for Transitioning Sheep to Pasture

1. Picture Perfect

raising meat pigs

The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner: What to Do & When to Do It in the

Katahdin: ...

raising meat pigs


gifts for sheep farmers

Photo by Prosource Wholesale Floor Coverings

Sheep care on small farms and homesteads

Turning 30

Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Cormo Sheep and our Farm Plan- Growing the Finest Wool a Sheep Can Offer

Dorper: ...

52 April 23, 2018 Gardening by Erica

Photo Gallery for Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair


The Best Ways to House and Fence Pigs

No time to call the vet: Dealing with hypothermia in baby goats and lambs on your homestead

Gotland Lamb

Wanting some inspiration? Here's our new year resolutions for every farmer:

Dairy Cows

Health Hazards of Mud on Horse Farms

At that point we put back a mix of top soil/compost mix.. The whole area was dug down ahead of time. We went with a total of 8 inches deep in the ...

Copley farm remains in the same family for a century - News - Akron Beacon Journal - Akron, OH