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Ever increasing pollution harsh chemicals and hard water conditions

Ever increasing pollution harsh chemicals and hard water conditions


Pollution has become a nationwide problem in Afghanistan. Four decades of conflict destroyed municipal services and environmental governance, ...

In China, the water you drink is as dangerous as the air you breathe


Water and Air Pollution

Pollution. Now-a-days, environment is not peaceful because of the increasing noise level through the transport, sound systems, electronic devices, etc.

Water pollution is becoming an ever-increasing problem in today's society. Our over-reliance on chemicals and a rapidly increasing population are just two ...

H&M, Zara and Marks & Spencer linked to polluting viscose factories in Asia


Cleaning Up After Pollution

Marine debris and plastic pollution along the coastline of Haiti

3 Reasons Why We Need to Reduce Pollution

Marine pollution

Air Pollution: Bad For Health, But Good For Planet?

Pollution in Delhi: How Can It Be Controlled?

New report paints a worrying picture, provides recommendations on what can be done

Food Chains and How They Are Affected by Water Pollution

How Delhi became the most polluted city on Earth

Two pollutants were found to cause an average 1.1 million premature deaths in the country annually

A new report has highlighted plastic pollution as one of the biggest threats facing the oceans

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air pollution

Air pollution

Volunteers cleaning general plastic waste along the shore in the Philippines, which is behind only

Coal mining

These pollutants may cause serious health effects such as birth defects, development disorders, respiratory problems, cancer and in some cases can lead to ...

Photo of black soot air pollution from a smokestack

Groundwater pollution

Future Effects of Pollution

Nitrate levels: concentrations at river mouths


Big Pharma's pollution is creating deadly superbugs while the world looks the other way

When some US firms move production overseas, they also offshore their pollution


The environmentThe known unknowns of plastic pollution


Aquatic environments are susceptible to a range of pollutants.

The main source of freshwater pollution can be attributed to the discharge of untreated waste, dumping of industrial effluent, and run-off from agricultural ...

What is Plastic Pollution?

Lake of Shame: Ontario's pollution problem

Unlike many other human pollutants in the environment, plastic debris is very visible

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A waterfowl swims in the polluted lake at the Beijing zoo.

What is land pollution?

Studying The Dangers Of Air Pollution

The River Kabul is used as a dump for solid and industrial waste and for illegal discharges of slurry from household septic tanks. Credit: NEPA

Hard Boom


Water Pollution

Top 10 Dangers of Plastic Pollution and How You Can Fight Back

It's not just Flint: Here's why we ignore water pollution

Some 269 waterways in Ireland, which include rivers, coastal areas, canals, estuaries

Paulo Oliveira/Alamy


What Causes Ocean Pollution?

A cruise ship leaves the bay of Havana in Cuba, on June 5. Worldwide

The UK has been shamed as being among the worst countries in Europe for pollution deaths

Section Overview. What is Water Temperature?

How ocean pollution affects humans [Video + Infographic]

40 Interesting Facts About Water Pollution You'll Wish You'd Known

Credit William Duke

Two photos showing point source and nonpoint source pollution. Top: point source pollution pouring

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Throwaway culture has spread packaging waste worldwide: here's what to do about it

Soil Erosion Threatens To Leave Earth Hungry "Arable land is turning to desert or to salt at an ever-faster rate, lessening the hope that we can feed our ...

Chemical Contaminants

Aerial view of shoreline, showing a stream polluted with waste water runoff from strip mining

Parts of the Cape Fear River near Fayetteville, N.C., are contaminated with a PFAS compound called GenX. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human ...

Plastic waste on Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

hardwater, hardness, water well hardness, grains per gallon

Pollution in Our Waterways is Harming People and Animals – How Can You Stop This!

Javier Zarracina

Global environmental impact of bottled water is 'enormous' - The National

Industrial Pollution

Ever increasing pollution, harsh chemicals and hard water conditions result into extremely #dry and #damaged hair. This needs special attention to protect ...

Image: Toxic Red Tide

10Acceptability aspects: Taste, odour and appearance

Earth Day 2018 - End Plastic Pollution

Inundated New Orleans in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Increased pollution

Improving Pond Water Quality

Factories and people have been dumping sewage, chemicals, and road salt in the Flint River for more than a century

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Pollution from afar

Air Pollution

Global Warming FAQ