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Cobra Vipers 28mm Miniature Games in 2019 Miniatures Viper Mini

Cobra Vipers 28mm Miniature Games in 2019 Miniatures Viper Mini


Snake Eyes with Timber:

28mm GI Joe project" Topic

And Lady Jaye got an upgrade from her laser spear thing to an MP5:

I did! Now move that SSSSSSTUN!

Who put you in charge?

Reaper 77321: Giant Cobra. Reaper 77321: Giant Cobra 28mm Miniatures, Minis ...

Reaper Bones King Cobra - From Reaper Miniatures Facebook Page

Snakes and Skulls: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures

Straps added

These are the last figures I've painted to complete my 28mm late-war German army. The title is a bit of social engineering - a test to see what Google does ...

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge: From MartinN - Zombicide Survivors (30 Points) Games

A while back I picked up the “Cobra” figure from Hasslefree Miniatures with the intention of painting him up to look like Kurt Russel's character from ...

Fantization Miniatures offers various miniature lines and hobby supplies for sale imported from around the world. We have the best selection of miniatures ...

I was also luck enough to get in on someone else's private commission when they had a tiny run of COBRA personalities sculpted up, and even more luckily, ...


Kriegsaffe custom made from a Reaper Miniature, Mad Doctor by Pulp Figures, Luftwaffe pilot from Easy Eight Miniatures

Two dwarf scouts discover two elf scouts

Reaper Miniatures :: OnlineStore Giant Snake, Miniature Figurines, Fantasy Miniatures, Plastic Models

The stabilizers and entry way were created in Tinkercad and printed in PLA.

Team Yankee: Israel - AH-1 Viper Attack Helicopter Platoon (New Arrival)

Chargement de l'image Choose-Your-Own-D-amp-D-Monsters-minis-

The Escapees sub-faction in Alkemy have a new pair of figures they can add to their ranks. They're the Malikhs Fugitives, a pair of rangers who add a highly ...

Conan Monolith-Sabre tooth tiger-painting Effix

In the picture below you can see the miniatures I am going to paint and use to represent dr. Mindbender and his B.A.T.'s. They're not my best conversion, ...

My painted Mongrel miniatures are mounted on washers so are slightly smaller in height, but I put an unpainted miniature on a plastic slot base as well so ...

When Kickstarter first emerged as a 'thing' for tabletop games a few years ago Reaper Miniatures launched their Bones range of miniatures on the ...

Snake miniature, snake figurine , garden decoration , garden accessories Garden terrarium Miniature Mini fairy garden decoration

(13) Conan by Monolith Painting Group Conan Game, Miniature Paintings, Mini Paintings

Giant Cobra

A version of the "Swamp Skyer" codename Chameleon, drived by a Cobra Viper

Image Unavailable


I have a number of other characters in the works, including the rest of the Cobra and Joe leadership and Zartan and the Dreadnoks.

Ah the childhood memories.

The models are one Warlord and one Artisan motorcycle blister. The two will pair up with the one I painted earlier to make a Kradschützen patrol. 28mm ...

The elf scouts also sound the alarm and the elf warband arrives

Ice Vipers were the crew and pilots of the Ice Wolf Attack vehicles.

Image Unavailable

Set of Tentacles 28mm Miniature Sea Monster | Dnd Miniatures | Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures

The Ice Vipers are conversions of the Universal Moderns available through Empress Miniatures.

Dark Heaven Bones: Xiloxoch, Naga

Destro and Cobra Troopers

Brix Moonshine - Zombicide Green Horde Painted Miniature - Human Fighter

Snake Eyes with Timber:

GI Joe 28mm miniatures by Prowlcop ...

I'm not 100% done with my newest mini (I would like to give her a nice display base) but I thought it would be fun to share my progress as a miniature ...

Anubis Statues and Plinths

... Tech Viper]

I am also experimenting with adding liquid green stuff face-masks. My bottle of LGS was dried out so I added water to get it going again but I am afraid ...

SWAMP NAGA Kingmaker Pathfinder miniature

Tall Grasses in Copper Pot - Miniature Modern decor: 1/6, 1 /12, 1/16 or 1/18 scale

Company: Oldworld Miniatures Scale: ? Material: ? Shops: ?

Armoc Vipers 3 Miniatures Zanafor s Discovery Heroscape

I really dig the urban camo- reminds me of the old Cobra Vipers, specifically the “Alley Viper” -Enjoy MBG

The Return of Cleopatra - 28mm Egyptian Miniatures

My four Star Wars figures are Ral Partha (in conjunction with Lucasfilm & West End Games, 1988-89). These are all 25mm figures and definitely NOT heroic.

Snake Plissken by keeper40k ...


The Cobra robot is on my Thingiverse page and I made it in Tinkercad.

Elf spear 2

D&D mini HUMAN DRUID (Cobra Spell) Dungeons & Dragons TOA Pathfinder Miniature


I have 12 of these generic Joes, enough for 3 teams under the ruleset I'm using.

Shade Coat

Lot Of Five (5) Javelin Throwers Miniatures Conan Board Game Monolith 28mm from Cool

Camelot The Battle Game of and Men By Waddingtons 1960s Knights - nnbcgk7196-Vintage Manufacture

And the snake theme is pretty strong. Will I finally get to make my G.I. Joe/Cobra Crossover ...

Lot Of Five (5) Pirates Miniature Conan Board Game Monolith 28mm from Cool Mini

Company: Oldworld Miniatures Scale: ? Material: ? Shops: ?

SNAKE CHARMER w Flute Operated Cobra Linemar Toys Japan Marx Tin Battery nubwow6927-Pre-1970

Cobra? Styled Mech Guard Army- Adepticon 2012

Flying Polyp Horror Monsters, Acrylic Colors, Minis, Lion Sculpture, Miniatures

Shipping Information

Warlord Games-Bolt Action - British Airborne Allied Paratroopers - 28mm WWII orhglt5969-Toy Soldiers

Snake miniature, snake figurine , garden decoration , garden accessories Garden terrarium Miniature Mini fairy garden decoration

The packs of the Ice Vipers are from Mad Robot.

Another summons from the dwarves bring the human allies into the battle

Haruki, Ashigaru Gunso


Cobra Troopers and vehicle that I called Swamp Viper Tank

Cobra Crimson Attack Tank (C.A.T.) – (Unavailable) Designed by Scarapis (Rick's Store] at Shapeways.com Here is a CAT (also, since it is identical, ...

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bushido 6

19th Century Miniature Ancient Mini Loose 15m Hun Heavy Cavalry Collection from 19th Century Miniatures

board game bundle 3d model obj mtl stl 63

Ogre: Miniatures Set 1

A Cobra Trooper sergeant:


I really dig the urban camo- reminds me of the old Cobra Vipers, specifically the “Alley Viper” -Enjoy MBG