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After years of diets that didnt work for us we decided to figure

After years of diets that didnt work for us we decided to figure


Get amazing resources to learn how to start a low-carb diet. #DitchTheCarbs


Food as Fuel Before, During and After Workouts

How to start a low-carb diet, meal plans, what to eat,

Toddler refusing to eat his vegetables

A free 5 day keto soup diet menu plan from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im

Low Carb & Keto Diet Plan: How To Start a Low Carb Diet - A

15 Healthy Meal Delivery Services That Makes Food Prep Easy in 2019

The layers of the Healthy Eating Pyramid

Canada's New Food Guide Is Here. Everything You Need To Know

We must relearn to eat: Here's how we teach our kids -- and ourselves -- to find pleasure in what's good for us

But before you can even address your general uselessness, there's an even bigger issue—your pre-set path ended. Kids in school are kind of like employees of ...

Click to Enlarge How healthy is the American diet? Source: US Department of Agriculture

Above is the chart produced by Dr. Carey Reams about 60 years ago that grades the quality of produce. So in 2010, we started capturing some of the nutrient ...

But how do we start to think about eating more fibre and exactly how much more should we be eating? We decided to find out…

The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb For Kids #DitchtheCarbs #LowCarbforKids #keto #

But we didn't want to just leave people with information, we wanted to give them practical ways to apply what they had learned. We started with a simple 3 ...

Moving forward: Overcoming the battle of weight gain

How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

Find your dietary badge below and feel free to share. Also, tell us which badge is your favorite. We personally can't decided between nut-free and ...

Infographic: A Tale of Two Meals. >

Choose Food like a GENIUS: Smarter Eating for Kids & Parents by [Beecham,

Eggs cooked in various ways are a good option for a low-carb diet

Shocking figures showing hidden hunger show why we need to find out more

So, close to 100 years later, we unfortunately find ourselves living by the hypothesis that weight maintenance is a simple game of calories in versus ...

illustration of a scale, a plate and cutlery, and a heart

stick figure couple huddled on a beam between "soul crushing breakup" and "permanent

How to Find Real Food Restaurants (5 Questions to Ask!)

What to eat for... Glowing skin

Instead of working to find a way to prevent the root cause of “weight-related” diabetes, stroke, heart attack, etc., we have taken on a majority theory with ...

This vegan food list is perfect if you've recently turned vegan and your keen to find foods you can still eat! From crumpets to cake mixes, ...

LICHTEN: I love presenting programs, but I have often wondered if people stay motivated to make any changes afterwards. In order to find out, last year I ...

Gluten is a protein that can be found in grains like wheat, barley and rye – which means it's something that's in a lot of foods most of us think as being ...

NFM march/April 2012

Q. How important is maintaining strength and agility as we age with regards to independence and quality of life?

Now, instead of eating 3 larger meals, we are eating 6 or 7 smaller meals, this means that we are not activating the stomach stretch receptors to tell us ...

Lose Weight Without Dieting

What you eat makes a difference in your blood glucosethe main sugar found in the blood and the body's main source of energy. Also called blood sugar.

This is a clear admission that the GHG figures being peddled are, as Mitloehner put it in Lancaster recently “without a single leg to stand on.”

Walking down the grocery-store aisle these days, it's harder than ever to figure out which brands are worth buying. We're bombarded with buzzwords like ...

What if I told you that you could have a love-love relationship with pasta. How would that sound to you? Are you ready to heal the years of ups and down ...

AIP diet - Dr. Axe

oat drink - Oat Drink (1 L)

... it was still difficult for us to find simple and wholesome food in the city. That's when we decided to make a change and created the PÜRA VÏDA brand.

A lion doesn't eat when it's hungry - it *hunts* when it's hungry. It only eats when it catches its prey. Most hunts are unsuccessful.pic.twitter.com/ ...

Enlarge Image Vitagene

From a surge of interest in veganism to a breakthrough in the treatment of type 1 diabetes, we take a look at some good figures from around the world

In essence, diets make us work against ourselves and paradoxically, we end up achieving the exact opposite of what we wanted in the first place. Argh!

health quotes that real wealth not pieces gold silver mahatma gandhi wisdom

6 easy tips for dogs that are not eating

We've all eaten something that doesn't agree with us. A dietitian explains food intolerance, its many symptoms and how the elimination diet works.

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thus reminding us of H. L. Mencken's aphorism that for every complex problem there is a solution that is clear, simple, and wrong. As we saw above, ...

As you can see below, the book has 10 chapters full of great info.

Keeping up with food trends is an easy way to find great new restaurants when traveling to a new city. Looking to the leading culinary influencers from IC's ...

I'm reminded, with this funky, automatic pilot, oh-my-goodness-what-a-busy-time, knocked-off-center feeling that I have today that we are all really just ...

How does sugar in our diet affect our health?

... I'm finally losing; 49.

We share, ideas, tutorials, tips, tricks and products we love. We share what works for us in hopes that it may help someone. We share tutorials like, ...

American eating


Everything in life isn't always social media ready, pretty, happy and cute. Doesn't mean its not for us to enjoy tho! What better way to reload than to do ...

Reasons why your puppy is not eating

Healthy living looks different for us all. When we can dig deep down inside ourselves and figure out what that means for us… we find freedom.

First-time hikers often ask us what kinds of foods they can expect to find during their hike, so we're serving up this comprehensive guide to help you plan.

is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” This is a PERSONAL JOUR NEY and the strict details should not be ...

Starbucks Food

SABE Thinkwork: The Truth Comes from Us

15 Healthy Meal Delivery Services That Makes Food Prep Easy in 2019 | Glamour

Ancient Grains & Squash with Mixed Vegetables – Click Here for More Details

Reasons for UK visa refusal

Keto diet foods: Natural fats (butter, olive oil); Meat; Fish

This Ultimate Keto Food List is the only one you'll ever need! It's

metabolic syndrome images to print

You have got to take a look at these 2 lunch boxes and compare a high

We had fun exploring the aisles and discovering all kinds of unfamiliar (to us) brand name products, exotic South American produce (that I couldn't even ...

NOLA Homeschoolers

That is SO different from how most of us eat today. As I discovered in my research, adults actually drank glasses of milk. My dad still does but I inherited ...

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

pPhoto courtesy of Gobblep

Like so many of us with an interest in the world of entrepreneurship, Andrea had no idea what she wanted to do. But instead of sitting there, feeling stuck, ...

A Brief History of USDA Food Guides

This graph is modeled after one created last year by economist Mark J. Perry, who used data on inflation-adjusted price and wage changes from the US Bureau ...

Most of us sign up for things, and we find a hidden fee. A service fails to live up to expectations. With Amazon Prime, it's the ...

How Peddlers of 'Food-Grade' Hydrogen Peroxide Exploit the Sick and the Desperate

Now let's look at how to solve our challenges in nutrition, starting with the first challenge: How do we determine what's good for us?

Unfortunately, we didn't love the tacos here as much. The Guaca-mango (guacamole with mango on top) and Tostones appetizers are very good. After our ...

4: How To Start A Low-Carb Diet – The basics