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7 Reasons Why I Decided to Read the Bible in A Year Christian

7 Reasons Why I Decided to Read the Bible in A Year Christian


The writer shares 7 reasons that led her to engage in intense Bible Study in a year's ...

Have you been a Christian for some time? Although I have been a Christ follower for a while, I honestly knew that I needed to be more dedicated to His Word.


7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD READ THE BIBLE THROUGH (And do it yearly) Excerpt: "A panoramic knowledge of the word is required to defend the faith.

Memorize scripture | Scripture memory | 7 reasons to memorize scripture.

It's often said that the fastest way to turn Christians into atheists is to have them read the Bible cover to cover. The atrocities committed by God and his ...

John Flavel Quote – 7 Ways Christians Read the Bible Wrong

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7 things you may not know about the King James Bible

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Are you struggling to read the Bible consistently? Learn the 7 reasons Christians struggle to

We are reading Jesus' Bible.

Christmas Bible Verses

Feel like your life is covered in fog? Learn 7 reasons to be confident in God even when you are walking in the unknown. Click through to read.

Reading God's word every day has so many benefits! It not only helps us to grow stronger in our walk with Christ, but it will also help us to be a better ...

Does the Old Testament Law Still Apply?

8 Ways to Make Daily Bible Reading a Habit

7 Ways Christians Can Avoid Deception. In a time when false teachers and false prophets are not only arising with regularity, but are being embraced by ...

Reading the Bible through in a year is a goal for many Christians, but is a significant challenge to accomplish. With the Five Day Bible Reading Schedule ...

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If you're a Christian, you believe reading the Bible is important. But have you considered how to approach it in the first place? What kind of “heart ...

Bible Reading

Seeing and Savoring the Glory of God in Scripture. Reading the Bible Supernaturally

The only specific biblical guidance we have comes from Numbers 8, where God tells the Levite priests that they cannot work ...

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Are you wanting to learn how to study the Bible? These Bible study methods work

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Daily Bible Reading Schedule for Year - Pack of 25 Cards 5.0 (6 reviews)


Do Jews and Christians basically have the same religion? | Biblica - The International Bible Society

Reading is not always easy, not always even fun. But reading is vital to the thinking, growing, maturing Christian. The Bible should always be our ...

The Search

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$3 Bible & Catechism Reading Guides: Purchase professionally printed, card-stock copies of the Bible and Catechism reading guide in our store for $3.00 with ...

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7 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 911 – The Meaning of 9:11

7. Less Bible beat downs – Sometimes Christians start and end a conversation with scripture. This might be lost, or annoying, to someone who has never read ...

Image titled Study the Bible Step 11

7 Pillars of an Unshakable Christian Faith: Michael I. Kaplan: 9781541355064: Amazon.com: Books

This week's Bible Reading:

Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the ...

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A bible

7 Things God Wants You to Always Remember


What Does it Mean to Be Fearfully and Wonderfully Made?

But, as hard as things may be in our current situation, we have the promise and hope that one day we will look back and see that God had a beautiful plan ...

What Does the Bible Say About Calling & Vocation? | Article | Theology of Work


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Once a quarter, I sit back and take stock of the list of random things I've learned - everything from coffee to Bible reading to O Holy ...

Because we knew she was new to the Bible, we started in Genesis 1 & we went through our Creation to Christ ...

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7 reasons people stop reading your book

Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved

7. We don't really love God: Nate brought up a very interesting question a few days ago. Why should people be Christians? We talked about all of the answers ...

History shows that hurtful and murderous Christians aren't a rare anomaly. They're an inevitability produced by a wicked moral guide.

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7 Things to Look for in Your Next Bible Study

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2019 is a new year to be grateful in the Lord and have faith. Despite how things currently are in your life, in the economy or in your business, ...

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