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5 free apps that will boost productivity improve concentration and

5 free apps that will boost productivity improve concentration and


Your smartphone can help you do your best work.


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These 12 Apps Will Help Boost Your Productivity

5. Dropbox

11 Free Apps That Will Guarantee An Increase In Your Productivity


It tracks your tasks as you check them off, then shows how productive you've been today and this week—and if you're improving or not.

RescueTime is a multipurpose productivity app and distraction blocker, cutting off your access to distracting websites when needed, while also recording how ...


Noisli will play ambient noises on demand.

But Zapier's app automations are some of the most powerful ways to boost your productivity. Instead of copying and pasting data between apps, ...

5 Ambient Sound Apps for Focus and Productivity

Inkflow is for the personal artist or visual thinker. This is a personal favorite for me as it allows me to capture my ideas normally as I would with a pen, ...

Focus Booster is a time tracking app that you can use to adhere to the Pomodoro

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Focus Booster reports

Looking to get more work done in less time so you can increase your income? Try the 50-minute focus technique.



20 Suggestions to Boost Your Personal Productivity

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This brain training app can boost attention, concentration. '

10 Apps to Get You Organized and Improve Your Productivity

How the Pomodoro Technique® Works (+Top 5 Best Pomodoro🍅 Apps) - CakeHR Blog

9 essential apps to boost your productivity in 2019


Seven Apps to Boost Productivity and Stay Focused

5 Simple Website Blockers for Studying and Increasing Productivity

Want to overcome procrastination and focus better? The pomodoro technique will boost and enhance your

10 Best Apps to Train Your Brain


Flipd - Keep Focused 4+

Pomotodo (free, iOS and Android) encourages you to take breaks every 25 minutes, which will boost your productivity.

Productivity Hacks: 500+ Easy Ways to Accomplish More at Work--That Actually Work!: Emily Price: 9781507209608: Amazon.com: Books

Everyone has something to say. Say it well and be heard.

Focus@will is a unique time management app in that it helps you maximize your time better. The app plays music and soothing sounds which are scientifically ...

AppDetox helps you to calm down your mobile app usage, and take a digital detox. You are able to set your own rules for your apps to detox from some heavy ...

10 Free Microsoft Apps and Tools to Boost Productivity


Like lots of productivity apps, Trello can be used as a quick-and-dirty tool to solve basic problems, or as a high-powered solution for multiple people (or ...

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Flipd - Keep Focused on the App Store

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Sometimes, it feels impossible to focus with (seemingly) hundreds of things pulling at our attention at any given point in time. You know what we're talking ...

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We found the best productivity apps for academics. 5 minute read

The lost art of concentration: being distracted in a digital world

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TickTick is a great place to track your to-dos and reminders. So if you took a note in Evernote that has a related action, it should go in TickTick.

Available on: Apple for free

EasilyDo, productivity apps to tame your scatterbrain.

Productivity apps


Capture notes in Evernote

A depiction of the brain and the many apps that can help it grow, like

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a good time keeping app. In fact, all five of the apps in this list are 100% free.

5 free apps that will boost productivity, improve concentration, and help work to a

Does exercise have a direct impact on productivity?

10 Apps To Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster

todoist time management app

Create your own recipe of ambient noises at Noisli (free, web) or listen on their pre-made productivity and relax mixes.

13 Proven Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Sales Team [With Template]

Who says that to-do lists are dead? There's nothing more frustrating than “forgetting” something important on your list of things to do.

5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Workplace Productivity (Plus Product Suggestions)

How to Make the Most of Your Workday

What if you want to track everything, like…

Productive Workspace