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15 Pro Tips on Taking Great Photos in Harsh Daylight Drawings

15 Pro Tips on Taking Great Photos in Harsh Daylight Drawings


The Secrets To Shooting And Processing Natural Light Portraits

A few Bonus Tips on Shooting on Cloudy Days

On the other hand, there are times where the professional wedding photographer may need to employ some tactics to stage their clients appropriately to take ...

Section #1: Digital Photography Tips to Know Before You Even Pick Up Your Camera


Another great trick is to wait for a cloud to move in front of the sun, this usually creates a very bright yet contrasted look.

8 Tips Every Beginning Portrait Photographer Should Know

6 Tips for Beginners Learning Photography

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17 Simple Tips To Help You Better Control And Master Natural Light

A reflector was used on the left as I wanted to play with shadow and bright sunlight.

When you are shooting with a wide aperture value focused on the eyes, the lens's bokeh will aid in softening the skin as well.

With so many photographers among us, a little friendly competition can be a great way to fuel ourselves and get inspired to take better and better ...

10. If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Fixing Harsh Lighting in Lightroom Where Light Modifiers Aren't An Option

47 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

finished apple drawing tutorial

Recently I've really enjoyed being out in nature with my camera taking photographs.

No matter how much you observe natural light or how many tips you read about it, to truly make the most of it photographically, you need to take photos.

Smith captured this thoughtful portrait of Jimmy Smits at the Sundance Film Festival. While he prefers to make his black-and-white conversions in post, ...

Product Photography Tips For Amazon Sellers And Ecommerce Store Owners

Light Sources iPhone Photos 15 no script

Close Up Final

2. Be Aware of the Lighting and Environment

Zhang Jingna's 14 steps to improve your photography

Photography Tips for Shooting During Different Times of Day - Adorama Learning Center

Focusing on the eyes of your subject, as illustrated in these dynamic headshots by Brian Smith, is the most essential of all portrait tips.

Wedding Photography Tips

How to Photograph Dark Skin in Natural Light

2. Be Aware of the Lighting and Environment

Image titled Take Good Selfies Step 19

The young woman pictured at left has a longer-than-average nose, yet Adler used the photographic tools of posing, lighting, and lens choice to reduce its ...

Blue Hour over the City of Cusco, Peru

Here the panels have been positioned on either side of the subject for a low key look, with beautiful soft main light from the window directly in front of ...


how to take better pictures iphonefullshade

Rembrandt Lighting in Your Portrait Photography Image1

Photography Tips for Shooting During Different Times of Day - Adorama Learning Center

When shooting in harsh light, use the “highlights save” slider to help recover detail and push down some of the overexposed highlights.

Color contamination (green) ...

Low Angle iPhone Photos 15 no script

How to Take Great Photos in the Dark (Even If You're a Newbie

... the shadows can range from harsh (which works for chiseling a man's face) to soft (like in the image of my beautiful model, Kathryn, below).

Capitol Peak Sunset

In my last three articles, I talked about producing commercial and personal photoshoots, and tips on how to improve one's photography.

Artist Cindy Wider Drawing in a Garden

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1. Lighting:


product photography

Preparation Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos

Travel Photography Guide

Shading with HB pencil vs Multiple pencils

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer How a Softbox Works Diagram (1 of 1)

A collection of food photography tips from photographers at all stages of their creative journey.

Use minus-exposure compensation in harsh light

photography tips you don't want to miss

Rawpixel. PRO TIP: ...

Product Photography: How To Market Products With Photos [19 Pro Tips]



When shooting a close-up portrait, facial features such as a pronounced nose can be particularly challenging, requiring special attention.


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Many of us are virtually indoctrinated with the idea that light during the golden-hour is “good” or even the best kind of light to photograph in. The harsh ...

I started running more often, running further, in search of a great shot, getting to know my hometown better in the process. I got up for sunrises, ...

When the sun is in front of the subject, you'll notice more harsh shadows, and when the sun is behind the subject, they may appear to be underexposed.

Travel Photography tips

I took this photo of a small beetle in a lowland rainforest with one diffused flash

One of the Streets of Mexico at Night

My favorite time to take photos. The Golden Hour in Photography Professional photographers swear by the "golden hour" as the time of day with the best ...

Film Lighting Techniques - 3-Point Lighting - Restless

suncalc winter

... mountains and rainforests, Fji offers some of the best photography opportunities in the South Pacific. For amateur photographers, there's no better ...

flower photo tips

7 tips for sunburn relief

Colleen's top tips for lighting macro subjects


8 Mistakes You're Making When You Fill in Your Eyebrows. These pro tips ...

Most photographers shooting on a digital DSLR camera shoot in color. In truth, it doesn't make a huge amount of sense to shoot straight to black & white, ...

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It's important that the photographs of the products look professional. The photos should be clear and in focus with proper exposure, sport a simple ...

Mist Fog iPhone Photos 15

Focusing on the eyes of your subject, as illustrated in these dynamic headshots by Brian Smith, is the most essential of all portrait tips.